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Monday, March 2, 2009

Déjà Vu

I saw this video on buzberry this morning....
What do you guys think! "Oqsim" copied it!!

and our version...

They mention on their blog that they got inspired by Obama's "I Pledge".. I will prepare a post for that ;-)


Jora said...

yay first to comment :P

Anyway .. exact copy.. It’s so sad, when a whole staff work that hard on a stolen or copied idea. Where is the creativity? Just sad!
Even though it’s copied, I like it.

Grey said...

:P ! Oqsim not to copy !

c'est la vie said...

My God nothing is original in kuwait it seems that her your smart if you can find something before any one and copy it ,but i like the idea of the campain at least its away from AL ta3a9eb al deni

daggero said...

وأنا وياكم

وشاى حليب

Ansam said...

I love it! At least they copied something great... just when I thought it was so original and incredibly creative and awesome *sigh*

LOL good start!

c'est la vie-
Thats sad :-(
But I agree with you.... I also love the campaign!


Bashar said...

American Bastards. Not only did they copy Kuwait Oqsim video, but they reversed time to make it look like Kuwait stole theirs!

Kuwait should sue America, America should TOQSIM not to violate and steal Kuwait ideas ever again!

PS: I recall now Manar swearing in the video to respect intellectual property.

New Bride said...

Thanks ansam :) walah it`s so sad that we can`t be creative 7safa 3ndnaa waayed naas 3ndhon great ideas madree leesh they love to copy , ma 3aleena mnhom u looked nice at alwatan ;)

Ansam said...

LOL! I know... so many of them said somehow the same thing... not just Manar!

New Bride-
I know... its sad :-(
Thanks :-D

Anonymous said...

Yes its great bas mo chethy ygaldon

Ansam said...

I know... its sad!

Aurous said...

They In their site they say that the idea behind the campaign was inspired by the "I pledge" campaign..

They're not denying it which I see as very admirable :)

Aurous said...

I forgot to add their blog :D


Ansam said...

Thanks Aurous :-) I really appreciate it

Ali said...

As much as I wished it was an original idea I still like it and like what it stands for in both videos.

Ansam said...

I cant agree more :-)

Man said...

This is not copying. This is called carrying forward someones good idea. Well done.
I prefer copying a good idea to not doing anything at all.
I prefer to doing nothing at all to copying a bad idea.

"I pledge to always see things from a positive point of view."

Ansam said...

Nicely said :-)

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