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Monday, March 23, 2009

Ahmed, My Nephew

A conversation between my sister and her 7 year old son...

Ahmed: Mom
Mom: Yes honey
Ahmed: I don't want to go to school tomorrow! I don't want to go to school... period.
Mom: That's fine by me... but why?
Ahmed: I know how to speak both English and Arabic just fine, and I also have some basics in French. I think I am covered
Mom: OK! No worries, but just answer one question for me, Okay?
Ahmed: Yes mommy
Mom: What does globalization mean?
Ahmed: I mean I am Arabic, and such word in English is no big deal to me
Mom: Fine, then tell me what is عولمه (which is a translation of the same word in Arabic)
Ahmed: Well, what I really meant is that I am Kuwaiti.
Mom: Fine. Then don't go to school
Ahmed: *SHOCKED*

At the gas station

Mom: See that guy filling our car with gas? The poor man did not get the chance to finish school
Ahmed: *Silent*
Mom: So Ahmed... .when you grow up, just tell me which gas station you like and I will work all kind of "wasta" (connections) for you

At night, before Ahmed went to bed

Ahmed: Mom
Mom: Yes honey?
Ahmed: Please wake me up for school tomorrow
Mom: Sure :-) Good night baby :-*
Ahmed: Good night mom


Anonymous said...

awwww this is one of the cutest converstaions ever :)

mashallah i really liked how ur sis reacted ! very smart of her indeed ;->

allah y5aleelukum eyaah o ytraba eb 3zkum =)

TI3GIB said...

Conversation between myself and my future son.

Potential Dropout Son : Hey dad
Dad : Yo
PDS : I don't want to go to school tomorrow
Dad *poof boom* punch that mofo well out of it and give him a black eye preemptively for any future stupid shit he intends to come up with.

Solid parenting.

Purgatory said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this conversation. He is adorable. She is one smart Mommy.

My husband still laughs his head off with a conversation with our six year old son yelling down the stairs "Mom, why did God make testicles?"

Anonymous said...

Smart mum :)


cute ahmed :)

if that was he in the pic then ana 7addy i loved him .. send him a kiss from me :)

New Bride said...

looool so sweet bnt khaltee lama her dad told her that she is going to clean the house if she didn`t want to go school she said ok ana abee aroo7 madresa el khadmaat !!! shee6ana

alaah ykhleeh likom enshalah

Anonymous said...

i like the way of how his mom handled it - Very smart!

Anonymous said...

ya7leeeeela :)

Ansam said...

I like how she handled it too.

LOL I should show this to my sister hehehe

Thanks... I like it too :-)
LOL @ your son! TOO CUTE!

LOL! Yeah, thats him.... pullin Puss in Boots! 3ayyaar!

New Bride-
hahaha hathy wa7da
Alla yekhaleha lekom

Yeah me too :-)

Hatha wa7ed! 3ayyaaaar hehehe

1001 Nights said...

What a great mom! Mashala Alla y5aleeha 7ag waladha

Ansam said...

1001 Nights-
Thanks :-) alla yesalmich wekhaleech :-)

3anooda said...

LOOOOL hes too cute oo mashallah 3alaiha his mom 3arfat shitrid 3alaih

Ansam said...

Thanks :-)

Swair. said...

Hehehehe I love your sister!

Mashallah mashallah mashalla, she's a great mother :D

Ansam said...

7abbitich el3afia... I am sure you will be a great mother too :-)

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