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Thursday, March 19, 2009

CBK Problem!

I slept around 11:30PM last night and my eyes were wide open at around 3:00AM! I could not go back to sleep :-S So I went on facebook, checked my email messages, rearranged things in my bathroom, surfed the internet... Oh and read on Yahoo! that Natasha Richardson died after ski accident :-(..... still, not feeling sleepy! Went on youtube and watched some videos, but no.. that did not work either! I turned off the light and closed my eyes but I just could not sleep!

I decided to go back online and check my bank account(s), and one of which is an account with CBK. I remember opening that account for one purpose only, which was buying Tijari Funds. Its been a while since I checked that account... and when I logged in I saw that they have been deducting KD2 each month since August!!

It states that when your balance falls below KD100 they start deducting KD2 as a fee. I always kept it at, at least, that minimum. So get this...

August 5th '08, my balance was around KD100
August 6th '08, I withdrew KD50 and my balance was around KD50
August 7th '08, I transfer KD51 to have a new balance of around KD101...

Then my account started to drop KD2/month totaling to KD16 with a credit of KD2 in January.. so they added KD2 for some reason and deducted KD16 in the course of eight months! I called the call center and he said this was done because at one point in time it got to less than KD100, so they decided to do so... I am redeeming my fund on Monday and closing the account too on the same day!

I still can't go to sleep! Ughhhhhhh!

Its now 5:30, I am still awake... Gonna watch Grey's Anatomy S5E17

And I arrived to work LATE! How is that possible when I woke up around 4 hours prior to my actual wake up time...

AlTabtabaie was interviewed on BBC - Arabic FM while I was driving to work, and he used a hadith to describing the parliament dissolving...
He said: أبغض الحلال عند الله حصل وهو حل المجلس
Isn't that HARAM?!


Bashar said...

Wow this sucks! And at a bad time too. Dont blame them though. They have more debts than all of us maybe, you're richer than them now perhaps :)

I managed to sleep at 1 AM and found my eyes wide open at 3:30. Kept in bed till 5, perhaps shut it down for a while, but eventually realized its time to make use of the wasted hours. After all, they are nice and quite hours.

My sleep is missed up lately, but at least I'm decreasing them slightly thus gaining extra hour here and there.

Organic Kuwait said...

oh my god this happened to me before we didnt realize it until a year later

Purgatory said...

Someone actually replied to you that late, that is impressive ;p

Mathai said...

thats one of the reasons I hate banks so much.. they act all nice and friendly then take all your money.. those bastards ! :P

Ansam said...

Exactly :-)Hahahaha I am richer :-P

Organic Kuwait-
It sucks :-( I am closing my account with them!

LOL.. It was around 4:14AM when I called

Its so annoying! In like 24 hrs and they considered it below KD100!

Anonymous said...

I know I have been through something similar with NBK...they say if ur account is under 100 for a certain time they will deduct KD2 but if its just for a day or 2 or 1 week...they dont...I never understood their policies!

Delly said...

il6ab6aba`i yan o ga3ad!!!

Ansam said...

That sucks!
But mine was for ONE day!


Silver said...

altabtabei ma 3nda salfa..

ma yadre wain Alla ga6a (wen it comes to religion)

Scorpion said...

Nossa mashala mashala eshlon 6e7tay 3alehom for me im so bad in those things:/
I never check my ACC maybe coz dayman emfales !

Weird that uve been late !!

Altabtabaee ok we might not agreed with him or not even supporting him but wejoda wayed mohim to balance the majles
Take care im in Riyadh :/

Ansam said...

Thats sad!

After all those months :-( sh3ogba!

bored said...

never trust bankers, ever!

eshda3wa said...

and GULF bank just informed me today
that if my balance is less than 200 they deduct 2kd

so that account is closing

ghair shaghla hathi!

Ansam said...

What about ex-bankers? :-P

At least they informed you!

KTDP said...

meh ..... they all suck..... the banks, 6ab6ab and everyone else ..... goddamn it ....

[yes, it is one of those days ..... ]

Ansam said...

LOL! I understand!

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