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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Food Post! - Dubai

While in Dubai, I made sure to swing by some of my favorite spots to dine in... and two of which were The Meat Co at Madinat Jumaira and Nobu at Atlantis Hotel....

Since it was a short trip the day turned out CRAZY! I wish my break was a day (or two) longer, I also ran into some family and friends here and there. Apparently a lot of Kuwaitis were there during that weekend, some even texted me that they saw me from far away and couldn't say hello! It was funny!!

After breakfast and shopping at the Mall of Emirates, we went to Madinat Jumairah to have lunch and walk around. We had lunch at The Meat Co. We ordered Red Chili Prawns and Rocket & Artichoke Salad for appetizers. I ordered The Petite (USA) Fillets2 X100 gm with a side of baked potato while my friend ordered a cheeseburger! It was so yummy, although I wanted my fillets without the mushroom sauce because it ruins the natural juices of the meat itself, and that is why I ordered it cooked medium (which also was a bit overcooked for my taste LOL I know I am bloody scary!)... but oh well, I was hungry as hell and ate the whole thing! We walked around Madinat Jumaira in the afternoon and headed to Mall of Dubai for some more shopping :-P

At night we were exhausted and hungry again... but did not want to rest and order room service! Instead, we headed to Atlantis for dinner at Nobu! The place is amazing and the food is so good! The pictures look like painting because I could not really take flash photos and disturb everyone there near by every time a new dish is at the table!! LOL! I actually love how they turned out with my editing and enhancing! We ordered Edamame and Mixed Seaweed Salad for Appetizer, Unagi for me and California for my friend. We also tried the New Age Salmon Sashimi *which I highly recommend* and shared a lobster. For dessert we ordered Benta Box Chocolate Souffle with a scoop of green tea ice cream! I loved everything about that place. The atmosphere, the service, and the food :-)

Enjoy the pictures... sometimes I forget to snap right away, so you may notice some missing pieces... ;-)


Anonymous said...

the food looks yummy :)

Mark said...

you should really really not add any effects to your photos, it ruins them. this one for example http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_D3elBxg_AJE/Sb9Otkyy34I/AAAAAAAAB-s/Xr2Rr5bHh0o/s1600-h/n501296521_2307743_266317.jpg or when u make the black halo urgh!

Organic Kuwait said...

funny thing i actually switched from windows to mac because of the photo effects ansam uses loool remember ansam the peanut butter and bread basket i sent u and took pictures of? i asked u how did u take such a gorgeous pic how did the colors turn out so vibrant she said she used the enhance option using iphoto i asked what is iphoto she said its a program on mac .. one hour later i asked my husband for a macbook 2 hours later he talked me into a 24 inch imac 2 days later we order both hahaha

Mark said...

how much did you pay for shipping the iMac? you got it from Amazon?

Hasan.B said...

I am hungry now!

Ansam said...

It was... all of it hehehe

OK, thanks

Organic Kuwait-
Awwwwww :-*

Mowahahahahaha *evil laugh*

bored said...

kila asma3 3an el meat company, is it that good?

faisal said...

the shrimp looks delicious

Ansam said...

It is.. and will open soon in Kuwait :-)

Spicy... but gooooood

Abdullah said...

pic number 1 and 3 made me eat apples, their the clossest thing to me now, its your fault :P

Ansam said...

LOL, bel3afia... *guilty*

Daddyz Girl said...

yummmmmmmmmmmy luv the pics , o bil 3afya ;)

pink said...

Yuuuummmy looks tasty ;)

Ansam said...

Daddyz Girl-
Thanks, o alla ye3afeech ;-)

It was :-D

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