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Friday, September 26, 2008

Re: Signs

More than a year ago I blogged about Signs in Kuwait.

I wrote this:

"Gulf Road changes first to Blajat Street and then to "Cooperative Road"!! OK so, why Cooperative and not Al Ta'awon? Cooperative Road sounds funny to me!! And why not Khaleej Road!?!!? I mean worldwide the street names wont get translated into other languages!! Its a name! I dont say my name in Breeze in English! I am still Ansam, in all languages!!!"

Guess what? With the new construction in Al Beda'a area, I saw a new sign with "Al Ta'awon" (I cant remember how they spelled it) instead of Cooperative!!!! I will try to snap a pic when I pass by the new sign :-) and I was thrilled cuz I really wanted it to change!!! YAY for me!

Click here for my last year "Signs" post


Aurous said...


it must've really bugged you :)

I hate translating names too...

Delicately Realistic said...

Mo min zman isma alta3win 9ob salwa???

Ansam said...

Yeah cuz imagine a non Arab speaker trying to tell an English speaker to go in that direction.. One will say Ta'awon, the other will say Cooperative!

Delicately Realistic-
The sign used to read Cooperative Road. I lived in Al Bedaa for a while and drove by it A LOT and it bugged me every time I passed by it.. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

hehe after reading your post I recalled the sign and now I know what u mean :D

Enigma said...

loool breeze

Ansam said...

My prayers' been answered heehee

I know hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hehee i was discussing this the other day, and guess what one of my frnds told me enna mne3aw translating names of streests and rest.
am not realy sure bout it though !

Ansam said...

I hope its true... there is no need to translate streets and cities' names!

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