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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Guess The Price!

How much do you think this cup is worth?
Its white porcelain with "gold/platinum" ring and a genuine sparkling Swarovski crystal as the "diamond".

I found three Kuwait-based websites that sells it;
1. Pick Your Tag, for KWD10.000,
2. Dekkany for a discounted price of KWD8.000 (was KWD18.000), and
3. Pink Polka Dot Shop for KWD6.500

Our of curiosity, I searched some US based websites for a price and found it in Wishing Fish selling for USD14.95.... That is KWD4.000 for you ;-)


eshda3wa said...

ee 3ade ehny were always paying double the price for everything

Ruby Woo said...

I never hold a mug that way it burns my hand so it's not worth it for me

Anonymous said...

Oh my, it is lovely!
I have an addiction to coffee mugs, and this is fantastic. I'm ordering it!

Ansam said...

It sucks! But its also good to know that prices do vary within Kuwaiti shopping website so you can go for the best deal

Ruby Woo-
You gotta give'em points for creativity.. specially the packaging! Its cool

Which site are you gonna order it from? :-P

shoosha said...

loo ya36ooni eyah ib balash ma khathaita!

Big Pearls said...

mashalla what a range of prices!

shoosha said...

kitabt comment ana?

Ansam said...

Why?? hehehehe and yes ketabtay comment! :-P

Big Pearls-
I know! Its ridiculous! I am glad I do check now more after my BCBG incident! LOL

Grey said...

shipping costs may be , specially now that you have to pay the Somali pirates ransom , its added charges for customers :)

powder said...

lazeem yrbe7ooon , shlon theire business yamshy itha ma rba7aw :P

Ansam said...

Grey & Powder-
So what about the difference in prices within the Kuwaiti based sites?? plus, shipping charge doesnt mean you can double the price... specially when you order in bulk!!

Delicately Realistic said...

Madri laymita theyre gonna overcharge. M9akht ilsalfa.

Dreamy said...

yeh I still remember yr BCBG incident ..

way exp :X

Ansam said...

Delicately Realistic-
Yeah... it sux!!

Yeah! and for that we do the research before buying ;-) LOL

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