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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mickey Mouse MUST DIE - LOL

First Watch this video

Then this

Seriously! I am sick of those nonsense Faswas.... OPPS I mean Fatwas!


Anonymous said...

He's a diplomat! A Saudi diplomat! Go figure.

Aurous said...


For how much longer should these ignorant idiots represent the Muslims around the world! If anyone is evil and corrupting the true values of Islam, it's that idiot who hates mickey mouse!

9j shar elbalyaty ma yo`97k!

Ansam said...

Hes an idiot!

I know! Its SAD!
I love Mickey!!!!

Big Pearls said...

poor Mickey..I love him!

Fadi F. Hawwa said...

BUGS BUNNY......ur next ;|

Hamitaf La B. said...

Ansam - yes I did.... I just got all emotional thinking about poor Mickey late at night... past bedtime I don't usually make sense ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

Maskhara ;X

Dreamy said...

whose next? stewi LMAO family guy

MeeMzZ said...


wee wanna see blood!! LOOOL...J/K J/K!! hehehe


Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
I love him too!

Fadi F. Hawwa-
LOL poor bunny!

Hamitaf La B.-

Its sad... really sad!

hehehehehehe imagine that!?

You do?

Bashar said...


I saw the first video first, but I didn't know western news picked it up. Well, good luck getting out of it.

Problem with clerics is:

1- It's too easy to become on. No high IQ needed, it's more difficult to fail than succeed.
2- Once you are, you get ultimate power, and lots of easy money
3- No one can argue with you under name of Shar3!

This is what you get. But a diplomat.... I hope they learn their lesson, but they won't

Bashar said...

Wait until our majlis picks this story up and make it # 1 priority. Kill Mickey Mouse (rajm) in public

Grey said...

:P , Finally some one does justice to TOM .

Ansam said...

I know its sad but funny too LOL. I dont blame them...
heheheh LOL @ your IQ comment!!!

Jerry is shaking now!!! Hes next

fish said...

u shudn't give these losers space on ur precious blog or waste time on them ..

losers LOL

ow il losers akthar ili they listen to these psychos

3ashat lina liq8
hehe :P

The Criticizer said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this... ok ok I'd laugh cuz I would never cry over someone as stupid as him.

And what's up with Noor and that other Turkish show clips in the middle of the news report? xD

Ansam said...

o 3ashaw ahalha ;-)

The Criticizer-
So finally someone mentions Noor clip! I was wondering too!!!

ghanima said...

what kid of people are they .. they have nothing else to do that's why he pointed to mikey mouse the most lovable charecter by kids and even adults all over the world ;[ .. or maybe beacuse he's american .. i dont know why they hate america they never harm any country actully arab are the main reason behind all wars in middle east. espacially the new islam which they invent!!! islam is the way to peace not war .. God help us ..

G said...

Poor Mickey mouse why didn't he mention Minnie mouse !!
Is he serious !!! isn't their anything out there for him to talk about other than killing mickey mouse !!

Ansam said...

They are idiots and have nothing better to do but give out useless shameful fatwas!

Yeah I wonder why! What about Jerry (from Tom & Jerry) :-P

Anonymous said...

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7651231.stm this got even better .. please read

Ansam said...

OH MY GOD! Thats insane!! thanks for the link...

Enigma said...




3ad i just bought a mickey mouse sweater yesterday!

Ansam said...

Burn it :-P just kidding

Anonymous said...

With respect to every human being opinion, Islam is above all this nonsense, it is a shame!

amoon said...

Nooo.. then minnie will be a widow :( How can they doo this ?

Ansam said...

I agree

Minnie is a mouse! So shes next in line :-S

Anonymous said...

Next captain majed must die!

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