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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Toe!

I needed to have pedicure and manicure SO BAD.. so I called Nailtini for the 100,000,000,000,000 time (not really, but you get the idea) and they are fully booked on the times I like... their free openings are pretty late for me to go get treatment and relax, and I am starting to hate the fact that they welcome smokers! Whatta an atmosphere to relax. My second option is of course Queenails, but they are also fully booked (specially with Eid around the corner). So Foolishly I went ahead and booked an appointment in X nail salon that I heard was good, but never tried before or knew someone who actually tried it!

My manicure was not bad, but while I was getting my pedicure done, I felt pain while she was removing my cuticles! It felt like she was clipping the toe itself rather than the nail/cuticle!

I was wearing flip-flops... with no direct pressure on that toe, I went home and woke up the next day in pain! I changed for work and wore my closed toe shoes and it started to hurt... with time, I had to stay bare foot when sitting on my desk.. The pain kept getting worse and worse! I decided to do something about it.

I went fully dressed to the New Mowasat Hospital for my friend's baby reception, thinking I will pass by the ER on my way out to get some meds. The receptionist is TOO RUDE by the way! I dont know why he acted so unprofessional! Was it because I did not look sick and was too dressed to be in the ER or he was PMSing (I feel that SOME men DO have PMSing symptoms)... Well anyway, I was transfered to a general surgeon! Yes! It was not a nice harmless cut in my toe after all.

Anyway... the doctor was super nice and very friendly. He took swaps for tests in the labs and gave me some antibiotic and ointment. He also cut the swelling and cleaned it for me. I did not feel much pain and he was cheerful and talking to me randomly about stuff the whole time. He even asked me to take some pictures LOL!

Now... the question is... Should I just say it out loud! The Nail Salon name? Or should I keep my mouth shut? Should I call them up and complain!!!


chika said...

OMG are you serious!!? which saloon!!! say it! :o

looool at the pics! what was the doc thinking ;p salamet your toe

Toomz said...

Id say call and complain, plus you should go ahead and say the salon's name ..

G said...

matshooofeeen shaaar inshalaaa ;** and yeaaah we HAVE to know !!

Aurous said...

ma tshofen shar!

you should definitely call and complain, and if they were rude and you didn't like how they handle you complaint then f`97ehom :p

Hasan.B said...

Salamat. WTH!? It welcomes smokers?! Shal habal?

A Journal Entry said...

salamaaaat.. that sounds painful =/

and u should call the salon oo tell them what happened and which lady was serving u.. 3alashan they be more careful!

oo about the name.. i really DO wanna know which salon!!
but it's up to u!

extra said...

are you kidding?! of course you name that salon and put a warning sign too .. you don't want the rest of us to go through the same pain now do you?

Big Pearls said...

you should definitely tell us the name..it is like a bad review of any place..if they know people know about it they will consider improving seriously.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why not mention it.
Ma tshoo shr insh'Allah :)

Good colour for the nail polish, by the way ;)

BLaSha said...

even if i wanna do a pedicure at a saloon i always take my personal pedicure set n tools with me.... i never use their stuff, u neva know where they been and whom they used it on!

salamat, plz get well soon

oh, another thing, after a pedicure, u shouldn't walk with flip flops on anythin open toes outside on a sandy floor or jus outside... stuff gets in there quick.

Ansam said...

I am very serious :-( I think I am gonna wear flip flops to work LOL... can I?
The doc was awesome, he was joking and giving funny remarks the whole time...

I contacted them and still waiting for a response! Lets see
Is it ethical to go ahead and say it before giving them time to get back to me?

eshar mayeech :-)

eshar mayeech
I contacted them already.... so lets wait and see

Alla yesalmik!
I know its insane! I wanna relax and have a good time...
3ad I like the place!

A Journal Entry-
Thanks... It is :-(
I contacted them... let me wait and see what happens before I do something!

I have decided to give them time :-S

Big Pearls-
I hope so... I gave them a link to my post so lets see!

Purgatory said...

You did not complain when you left the place, so they can always argue it was not them.

I think you should find a dead body, cut its toe, send it to them in a box, that gives them the message.

Ansam said...

hehehe thanks :-)

Thanks :-)

In Nailtini, you buy your personalized kit/pouch and they sterilize it for you! How do you sterilize your kit at home? That would be helpful!

my car was parked pretty close to their place so I did walk few meters wearing my flip flops! I always do, 3adi.. 3ashan I dont ruin my pedicure you know!

Because the infection doesnt show up instantly :-P

You have some creepy ideas!!! SHEESH!

Anonymous said...

oh ! salmaaat ! :*

shesm el salon ????

Anonymous said...

Salamat! :o

Delicately Realistic said...

Ma tsofen shar!

7bebti u HAVE to tell us what salon!!

Mithl ma u give good reviews about stuff u like u should also do the same for bad experiences....ma7ad ra7 yzal.....o i hope u remember the name of the lady who gave u the pedi cuz u have to let the owner know.

Dandoon said...

i'm in the name & shame them corner too!


wth smokers in nailtini?!

Anonymous said...

awww Sallamat..Its like what happened to me in the mens saloon...I think you should say the name out LOUD ....

Grey said...

Salamat ! Get well soon !

F. said...

I do my mani's and pedi's at home by myself...

They turn out pretty nice :)

It'd be sufficient just not to go there anymore.

Ansam said...

alla yesalmich
Lets see how the communications go first!

Alla yesalmik

Delicately Realistic-
eshar mayyeech
elmoshkila I dont remember her name! And I am giving it some time and thought since mistakes are bound to happen... but its really bad and it hurts :-(

LOL ok will see how it will go
alla yesalmich... and yes, can you imagine?? :-(

alla yesalmik
will see..

Thanks buddy

Thats good... WTG

Ruby Woo said...

That happened to me once too, ya3ni for a week my middle finger was swollen on the side after removing my cuticles from my manicure and when I went to the hospital he said it got infected, blah blah blah they cut it open and cleaned the thing.

I never set a foot in that nail bar again. I won't say what's it called but it's very well known.

eshda3wa said...

u should definitely say what salon so we can all avoid going there!

oo salamtich 1000 salamah
inshallah everything is fine!

Zabo0o6a said...

a77, salamat babe !

Anonymous said...

Weeh ! Matshoufeeen Shar, Ansam !

Ansam said...

Ruby Woo-
Yeah... accidents are bound to happen, but it would be nice of the owners to do something about it!

OK fine.. its Nail Spa :-(
Alla yesalmich dear... its better today

Alla yesalmich

Thanks... alla yesalmich/ck

ShoOoSh said...


Ansam said...

I did.. I answered and gave in to Eshda3wa.. its Nail Spa

His Sweetheart said...

Oh sweetie!! That must have been painful!!

YES, you have to say it outloud and warn laides about it!!

Ansam said...

I did... its Nail Spa :-)

BLaSha said...

small sterilizer machine box thingie... from any pharmacy :)

Ansam said...

Autoclave machine?
and if I do.. I wouldnt get pampered hehehehe ya3ni the idea of getting mani/pedi while relaxing and chillin! But I will check it out anyway

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