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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I cooked again last Friday... we had some friends over and I was in the mood. I made Sweet Chicken Salad, Stuffed Tomatoes and Bell peppers, and Strawberry Trio Dessert. There were more food items on the menu, but I am just posting my dishes.... do you want to see other dishes?? Oh ok... the Burritos are my sister's recipe, and so it the Sweet and Sour Chicken ;-) I hope you like'em!

Yeah yeah yeah... and I posted the pictures during the day! Sue me :-P


This is specially for Shurooq

Sweet Chicken Salad
1 cup cooked Popcorn chicken
Shredded lettuce
Baby carrots cut into rounds
Small turnips cut into rounds
Crushed nachos
1 can corn (kernels)

2 TBS light mayo
4 spoons sugar
A dash of pepper (I used the mixed five ground peppers)
Skimmed milk

Mix the ingredients in a salad bowl

for the dressing, mix the mayo, sugar, and pepper well together. Add milk gradually to your taste (thick dressing or watery dressing) and drizzle on the dry salad ingredients above

Stuffed Tomatoes and Bell Pepper
1/2 to 3/4 cup rice
300 gm ground beef
12 medium size tomatoes and bell peppers (dont get soft tomatoes)
1 medium onion, chopped
1 green onion, chopped,
Moroccan spices mix
1 small KDD tomato paste
Salt and Pepper

*Preheat oven to 170C
*Cut the tomatoes and bell peppers (decap'em) and emtpy them from the inside (keep the tomatoes insides)
*Cook rice, but dont over cook it because you will let it cook more in the oven
*In a pan heat oil with onions and then cook in the ground beef, salt and pepper, spices, and half of the tomato's insides
*In another sauce pan, heat oil with green onions, spices, and tomato paste. Add 1 cup of water gradually to the mix
*Mix the rice with the beef and stuff the tomatoes/bell peppers
*Drizzle with olive oil and the tomato sauce mix
*Place in the oven and let it cook :-)

Strawberry Trio
1 and 1/2 Sara lee Cake cubed
Strawberry Sauce
12 small cups of Very Berry Strawberry from Baskin Robbins

In a bowl, place a layer of the cubed cakes, top it with semi melted ice cream, sprinkle it with strawberry sauce and walnut
Repeat the above three times and top it with ice cream

You can add fresh strawberries

Basically you get ready made tortillas (bread) from Sultan Center and fill it with your choice..

I think on that day we had it stuffed with tomatoes, green onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, beans, ground beef (chili)

Sweet & Sour Chicken with a Twist
Get chicken breast, cut them into small pieces, drizzle'em with salt and pepper + garlic

In a bowl mix mustard, honey, basil, parsley, and oregano

Pour half the mixture into the chicken and place in the oven, leave it to cook for 30 minutes, then take it out of the overn, stir and turn the chicken on the other side
Pour whats left of the mixture and cook for another 10-15 mins ;-)


chika said...

ya sater 3al 9ob7 ;/ mamaa

Hasan.B said...


Anonymous said...

Oh! It all looks so good!

Anonymous said...

this post is absolutely divine, can you post the recipes please :)

thank you.

Ansam said...

heehee *evil laugh*

Is that good or bad?

Oh thank you ;-)

If you are on facebook, you can join my group "Ansam's Kitchen"
Which recipe did you want, or did you want me to post all of the recipes?

Anonymous said...

la walla im not on facebook, I only the recipes posted today.. salad, dessert, ma7shi, sweet chicken and I'll appreciate it so much.

Anonymous said...

oh and the mini sandwiches o ya36ech il3afya :)

Ansam said...

Done :-) check the updated post

Oranjina fadidra said...


Oranjina fadidra said...

weih tawni agra shroo8 weih ahoo 76ay o oranjina ba3ad tara ana motabi3a 7ag bloggich :@ :@

Anonymous said...

dear miss ansam,

your the best thank you.


Ruby Woo said...

you're so mean :(

Ansam said...

Oranjina fadidra-
Mamnoona :-)
7ayach alla el blog bloggich ;-)

Anytime :-) I hope you try them and like them :-D

Ruby Woo-
I can be hehehehe

Grey said...

Its been 3 days but i can still pick some leftovers ... can i ? they look awesommy !

Ansam said...

hehehehe thanks :-)

fish said...

i want everything
3athab il akil

Ansam said...

too bad its all gone :-P

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