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Monday, September 1, 2008

Serivce Charge is NOT Illegal

Yes.. You read it right, service charge in restaurants in Kuwait is NOT illegal! I called 135 earlier today myself and inquired about it. He explained that a service charge around 10-15% charge is not illegal, in fact its an exchange of service for them to provide you with table, bread, butter, and sometimes water.. that kinda service when you DINE IN the restaurant!

Reason I called them up is because I kept receiving this email that has been circulating around, and also a facebook message about it.

So just to clarify things... its legal :-)


Purgatory said...

I think food should be free.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Ansam. And also that "service" in this case is more like a cover charge - it does NOT cover the tip. Some people think they've already paid the tip when they see that - not so.

Big Pearls said...

I don't mind giving service charge.

A Journal Entry said...

i heard that the minimum charge some restaurants take (like lorenzino) is illegal

Loolykinns said...

i think food shouldn't be free, but chocolate should =P

Ansam said...

I know you do :-P

Exactly.... Thank you!

Big Pearls-
Me too.. but not overly charging me for it cuz I tip too :-)

A Journal Entry-
I heard the same too... wonder if that is legal?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing this up, unfortunately I've just send this forward email to my mailing list :(

F. said...

Yeah, I would of thought so.
Thanks for clearing that up.

Delicately Realistic said...

Thanks for checking...i was meaning to call but i know i wouldnt have called ;>

Ansam said...

Its ok
Someone will end up calling like I did! But it also good to know that some restaurants over charge for their service :-)

You're welcome :-)

Delicately Realistic-
No problem :-)

powder said...

7ada thanx for checking , kela bagool badeg o ma adeg :P

i kind of like to tip even if theres a service charge

Fa6ma said...

I don't mine it either. I think they should receive it if they're going to give me good service!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing it :)

Ansam said...

No prob :-)
I tip too.. specially when the service is really good


My pleasure

powder said...

eee 7adaa bas if they were rude hahaay makoo tip :P

sweetd said...

:P I think they have the right!

Ansam said...


for a cover charge.. yes :-)

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