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Thursday, January 8, 2009


I recently bought one of those 100-ways-to-wear skirt from SILKERI when she reserved a booth during FIVE60's Flea Market last December.

Kerry, who sells those skirts (along with other silk and cashmere collections) was so helpful and so nice. She would show us on the mannequin the different ways to wear that wrap skirt.... and her prices are competitive! I think the skirts' prices run from KD15 up, depending on the silk they have. Mine was 80% silk and was about KD18-20. Its a steal! To add to all this, Kerry said with all the new regulation laws for the weights on luggage when you travel.. you have ONE piece that can serve you up in 100 ways! Cool or what?

I found a couple of videos on youtube about the same skirts (it comes in three lengths) SILKERI sells, just so you have an idea about it....


SILKERI will be available at the AUK Bazaar this Saturday - January 10th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and will display those beautiful silk skirts + dresses + NEW cashmere collection which consists of hooded sequined light jackets and shorts and cashmere satin lined skirts!

Also, know that hosting a Silkeri home party is simple and exciting :-)
All you need to do is invite 10+ of your family members or friends and let each one create their own style... In doing so, the host can receive a Silkeri wear for free when a certain number of guests buy from the collection.

For more info... email silkeriq8@gmail.com


Grey said...

:) ... just leaving some foot prints here

Anonymous said...

Wow mashallah, that's very creative :O

Bashar said...

3baid: I didn't know you have a taste for fashion :)

eshda3wa said...

seems cool

Ansam said...

Thanks :-)

It is :-) I got me one ;-)

Leave 3baid alone :-P

Yeah it is cool :-)

Organic Kuwait said...

waaay these r soo cutteee i love them

Ansam said...

Organic Kuwait-
I bought the long-version one :-)

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