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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Car Accident!

I was driving on third ring road last Sunday heading east and waiting at the traffic light on that bridge of Rawda-Nuzha X Hawalli-Qadsiya... The light turns yellow... then red, and after wee seconds it turns green for us to drive forward. I was in the middle lane, a bus to my right, and GMC-brand car on my left. Since I have the smallest car I was a little bit ahead of them when we drove off... another SUV suddenly decides to cross the red light from the opposite lanes and speed off towards South Highway 40.... Everyone starts honking from that side, but to me all I saw is a car in front of me... I slammed on my brakes but I hit the car anyway! I could not avoid it no matter what!

I went deaf for a moment, my mouth felt very dry! I am checking myself... am I OK!? Yes I am I look left and right... where is that SUV that appeared out of nowhere!! There I see it, is he gonna run away... I check his plates, I try to memorize the numbers! Cars are slowly driving by me and looking/staring at me! I gather my strength and drive a bit forward and turn on my flashing lights... I get out of the car, while I look to check the SUV I cant see it anymore... I go to the front and my car is damaged :'-(

I see someone approaching me... running towards me! Its the SUV driver.. I think!!

SUV: I'm so so so sorry! I know its my mistake! I know I run a red light... but are you OK? Are you hurt?
Ansam: I'm fine.... are you OK? What were you thinking?
SUV: Sorry, I wasn't thinking I was on the phone... I wasn't paying attention.
Ansam: Are you for real!!!! On the phone while driving! Thats not even legal!!! (I did not have anything else to say!)
SUV: I know, I know... Sorry! I am calling the police now

I walk back to my car to get my phone and call my dad.... Then I hear someone..


I look and its a young man on the opposite lane waving at me... he runs towards me, and asks if I was OK? And then tried to calm me down and telling me that he saw the whole thing and that he is furious. He checks my car, asks me to turn it off... and goes to the SUV driver.

I call my dad, and I tell him: "Dad.. I am fine, 100% fine, but I had an accident". My dad is on his way to me. Good!

The other guy who witnessed the whole thing comes back to me with the SUV driver, and gives out his phone number to both of us since he saw the whole thing. His name is HB. He again tries to calm me down and telling me that he will stick around until my father gets here.

My father arrived and rushed to my car... checked if I was OK, and then went to talk to the SUV driver and HB. The traffic police arrived shortly after to draw a little sketch of the accident. Listen to both, the SUV driver and HB... So he got the story that when he came to me he just asked me if I was fine! I answered: "I am OK" and smiled!

I guess they were all waiting for me to cry LOL!

We had to drive to a nearby police station... HB came to say bye, and again told us to just give him a call if we needed a witness. He was really nice.

At the police station... a place I hate to be in "JUST HATE" to be in... Remember my previous accident post? I just dont get the system or how insurance works, even if you are fully covered. Well... anyway, while we had to wait for the investigator I was asked to wait in a room... and right there, when I was alone I broke into tears! My dad came in and calmed me down, gave me some tissues... I did calm down after a minute! I guess I just needed to let out some!

We go in and the police take the SUV driver side of the story... I must say again he is one decent and honest man. They did not even ask me to speak out! The story was well said. In this case, that SUV driver is in serious trouble.. Red light? Phone? Accident? I really feel bad but I am too angry to just let it go! Being polite and nice doesnt give you the right to #### up somene's day! So the best we could do is do it on personal level rather than going to court and such! He told us that he was willing to pay for the damages. My insurance was full coverage, his was liability! My rights with the police station to file a case were reserved for few days in case he fails to pay.

Next day we go to the workshop and guess what!? They estimation was high... a KD1,930 high! Yeah yeah! My car is 2009, brand new, and all parts are expensive!

So yesterday we go to the police station and turn out the amount is too high for him to afford :-( and so we have to go through our awesome systems and bureaucracies. One thing that I will add to the corrupted police system we have in Kuwait was the investigator's suggestion... That is to sign on a paper that says Mr. SUV driver did not cross the red light to save him from the major consequences of that act... Which will automatically make the whole accident my fault since he was driving and "did NOT cross the red light" and I just BANG! Beautiful! Ain't it? Ahhhh and lets not just say that I did not make a big deal of mentioning that he was talking on the phone!!! Whatta system!!


Anonymous said...

you have my heartfelt sympahties girl! u really do..Hope u get through it sooner rather than later.

Delly said...

kha6ach ilsew hun :*

chikamammi said...

salamt Noosa, el mohem enno you're ok :)

T.Anonymous said...

NOSSaaaa latgoleeeeeeeeen !!! 3asa tetsalaa7 3adil !! esayara aham atwaqa3 since its 2009 :P AND YES IM KIDDINGGGGGGGGGGG

kha6ach el sow dear sis oo why did u not call me? I’m your Police station friend REMEMBER !!
and one more thing! do u remember when we talked about QAZA ! I know we can’t compare but say il 7emdela its just a car accident nothing else !
kha6akom el sow
P.S. naby 3azema 3ala salamat your car plz

Rashisha said...

7amdillah 3al salama ... Im Glad you are ok :) I wanted to come down and say hi but i had a box full of stuff and when i got in the office my manager called me :(

Call me next time you come call me :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

OMG :O .. il 7imdillah 3ala salamtch 7ayatee *hugs*
5a6ach il sow hun:**

im so sorry to hear abt it :/ ..

bs bil 7adeed wla feech !
and girl NO dont sign that paper, its his fault not ur's ! Y3nee he is mistaken then suddenly out of no where u become guilty just for the sake of saving him out of trouble :S?

god he could've killed u ( ismillah 3alaich o ba3ad 3omren 6oweel)

p.s: 7abeebty egray 3ala nfsch tara il 3ain 7a8 .. N try to stick to athkar il 9aba7 wil masa2 :) .. O 3asallah ya7f'6 mn kil shar :*

Anonymous said...

I know the system is worse than any other place! a7em shy that you are ok :)

T.Anonymous said...

It is weird that Nossa did not publish any of her car accident picture!!!!!

Ansam said...

Thanks a lot :-)
So sweet of you!

Khataach ellash :-) Thanks

Alla yesalmich... I am fine el 7emdellaa

Inshalla I hope :-P
Khataak ellash LOL Papa was there to the rescue so no worries :-) Thanks a bunch.. o ishyab 6aari Gaza now!?
O you want 3azima 3ala salamti or my car yashagoool!

Alla yesalmich :-) Thanks dear. It was good seeing you for a couple of seconds on the escalator that day LOL... 3adi shda3wa no worries. Inshalla I will

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
Alla yesalmich
Kha6ach ellash
And no I did not sign it ;-) So we ended up signing the papers with the actual accident.
El7emdela 3ala kil 7al I am alive :-)

el7emdela I am :-)

Ansam said...

No I did not want to... maby a7ad ye3arf sayarti :-P

Nemo said...

al7emdella 3ala salamah!!

Zeecu said...

glad you're safe, a car can be fixed so no worries.

Go with the usual crap people have to go through. Aham shay AHAM SHAY make sure of what you sign, since youve already mentioned mo katbeen the guy ran a red light, which pisses me off because a friend was in the same spot few days ago. He signed something that completely and utterly made it his fault lol.

Ansam said...

Alla yesalmich :-)

Yeah true :-) Thanks
No no, you didnt get my story right! What I meant I refused to say that he didnt run the red light! That will automatically makes it my fault. I did not leave till I got the paper that stated the accident correctly!! I guess ma fahamtni!

I signed on something that says he crossed the red light and thats why I couldnt avoid him. It wasnt expected

A 3 AM Flight said...

First off I hope you're feeling better.

Second, you should put the fear of going to jail into him, it's punks like these that take lives. He should be punished.

Organic Kuwait said...

7ayatiiii :**** i just talked to u on the phone laish ma yebtay 6areee ambaih 3aad ams i had a feeeling u were sad because of a car "thing" hug hug hug

mo3ath said...

5a6ach elsew , bel 7adied wala bel 3abieed !!

tell me about the f###in system !!

elmohem salamtech ..

Kuwait Surviv0r said...

el7emdellah 3assalaama......

but seriously, you should've stuck a fork in the SUV driver's left eye (I don't know why the left one)......

good thing it wasn't in gulf street or random guys would stick up to you just to get your number or something...... You know how lame they could be :P

Good thing nothing happened to you (mentally nor physically)...... here's a good hint;

if you're in the first line in a traffic light, count to 5 when the light turns green THEN leave...... I do that all the time =D

Bashar said...

Salamat o matshofin shar first of all.

Really sad to hear this ridiculous story, but I'm not surprised. I once had bad luck of 2 accidents at same week. First was someone else's fault, second was mine. Investigator suggested I mix the two together and get out of it !!!

So anyways, such newspaper crap always happens. But that doesn't change what was said in the police station right? He's still responsible to fix it. And if your car if fully covered, isn't it supposed to go much faster?

Ansam said...

A 3 AM Flight-
I am living :-) hehehe
System is *!&#*&!#^ so no need for my effort! I was shocked from the investigator's suggestion!!

Organic Kuwait-
3adi I am fine dear :-**
Thanks a bunch babes

Khataak ellash... el7emdella 3ala kel 7al :-)

Kuwait Surviv0r-
Alla yesalmik.. I swear the streets were empty he just rushed in! Thats what talking on the phone while driving will do to you! :-S

Purgatory said...

Good Purg Comment:


خطاج السو"

now evil Purg comment:

"I think its related to what you saw over the weekend, it was a precursor to the event, things happen this way for some, or could be some Karma thing"

Ansam said...

Thanks.. Alla yesalmik.. eshar mayeek
What newspapers?

Ansam said...

Alla yesalmik
Khataak ellash

What do you mean!?

Aurous said...

Stupid system!! :S

elmohem.. 56ach el.sew :)

Ansam said...

Thank you.. kha6ach ellash! It is stupid ughhh!

Purgatory said...

Your post with angel pictures.

ananyah said...

omfg! I hope you're okay! No wonder you cried later on, delayed reaction n all and it's good that the SUV guy was honest and HB came to the rescue!

I'm glad your okay, seriously *hugs*

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Sign a paper saying he did not cross the red light and YOU take the blame??? What kind of suggestion is that???

I am so sorry this happened to you. You really had such good luck, with an honest bad driver and a good witness, but holy moley, they SYSTEM!! Ansam, I would be crying, too!

Thanks be to God for your safety.

Grey said...

Oh ! so sorry , But im glad you are OK .

Zeecu said...

I understand now. Legally you're alrighty then :D

pablo-chiarpenello said...

The most important is that you are OK.

Don’t sign anything. The insurance has to cover you. In that way you can relax from this accident. Papers are always a pain in ass.


Sugar said...

لا حول و لا وة إلا بالله

خطاج السو حبيبتي


Ansam said...

Yeah! ok!!!!!!!!

I am OK :-) It was more like tears coming out with no control and not actual crying hehehe
HB = Hero Boy :-P kidding
Thanks Mesho.. you are so sweeeeeeet

Just because I am fully covered doesnt mean I am too nice and stupid to waive my rights! Ughhhhh!
I like the "honest bad driver and a good witness" remark hehehe
Thanks dear

Thanks buddy :-)

Yes :-) No worries. I asked him to read the papers before finalizing with the signature... he was like "yeah you better read them so you can sleep at night" with a silly smile!!! WTH!

Oh Pablo, the system here is way too different LOL

Khataach ellash :-)

Purgatory said...

I was reading fully covered and thought hmm when did that happen, but then figured it out.

Kuwait-Moda said...

salamat o matshofen elshar enshala !!

Ansam said...


Alla yesalmich... eshar mayyeech

Mathai said...

I heard about your accident from Grey's post. Sorry to hear about the incident but good to know that you're ok.

eshda3wa said...



kha6ach el sow 7abeebti

inshallah malich ela el3afya

KTDP said...

'7a6ach isow .

Ansam said...

Thanks for stopping by :-) So sweet of you.

*HUG back*
Thanks 7abebty :-*
Kha6ach ellaaash.. alla ye3afeech

Khataak ellash, thanks :-)

Fatima said...

baaay salamat!!! :*
ashwa fil 7adeed wela feech..(9a7 ilmathal?)

3ad ilyom my sis di3mat.ha wa7da o that women drove away but whn we cought up with her she didnt even get outta her car...bs long story short---while my sis was outside calling the police that women ib kil broood drove by nazilat il window o her 12 year old daughter was like "intaw il8al6aneen, Malat 3laikum"

bs 7emdila we're fine; the car isn't :/
..we got her car info inshof il darabeel shsawoon bachr!

7emdila 3la salamtich again :*

Kuwait-Moda said...

Ansam here's a P.S : Iam a Guy *_*

Ansam said...

Alla yesalmich :-) Thanks dear yes sa7 el mithal hehehe
You could have told the police inna sabbatkom 3alani! Its illegal! How rude! God!

LOL ok :-P Alla yesalmiCK o kha6aaCK ellash then :-P

Yara said...

Laaa!! kha6ach elsoo ;/ 7amdilah 3ala salamtich alf 7amdilah... laa 3ad jad e7eroooooooooon !!!

ba3ad 3omrii :( *huuuuug*

Dreamy said...

omg ,, al 7imdelah 3la al salamah ansam <3 .. al 7imdelah nothing happened to you *hugs* .. fe al 7deed wala feech :(

sorry 4 being late ..

Ansam said...

Kha6aach ellash... alla yesalmich
Thanks dear.

Alla yesalmich, thanks dear.. .nor worries :-)

Kuwait Business said...

Sorry to hear, This is all part of life :) Somewhere we get help some place don't

Ansam said...

Kuwait Business-
Thanks :-)

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