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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Isaac Story!

I have written about our driver, Isaac, before... And guess what? Something -some annoying thing-happened earlier last week and I thought of blogging about it!

My sister, M, sent Isaac to Hawalli to get something for her friend and asked him to call her once he's done.

Isaac: I bought the thing you asked for
M: Cool, now just go to my friend S's house, its located in... (she was giving him directions) and call me from there to make sure its S's house :-)
Isaac: OK

Isaac reaches S's house and calls my sister... he is sometimes so robot-like that you have to give him the step-by-step directions.

Isaac: OK I am there
M: Ring the bell!!!!
Isaac: OK

*Ding Dong*

M: Ask if its S's house
Isaac: OK

A man, S's husband, opens the door...

Isaac: Hello, Is this S's house?
Husband: Yes
Isaac: Here talk on the phone please
Husband: Hello?
M: Hello!!! I am M... S's friend (Wondering why Isaac did that!!!)
Husband: Yes yes, hello how are you?
M: I am good... How are you?
Husband: I am fine.
M: OK I just wanted to make sure that the driver reached your place.. the correct place
Husband: Yes it is. Thanks :-)

The husband hands the phone back to Isaac

Isaac: OK done?
M: Yes.. Thats the house, thanks

*After 20 mins*

The driver is back with the stuff that he bought from Hawalli and that he was supposed to hand in to S's husband!!!!

M: NO NO!!! Send it back! Why did Isaac bring it home! WHY!

M sends Isaac back! And he "SUCCESSFULLY" delivers it! *phew*

I never... NEVER thought someone can be so robotic to the point where they want to be spoon fed with detailed procedures on what to do!!!


Anonymous said...

poor guy ;p I have one of the guys who is working for me completely opposite of Isaac. The more I ask him not to do somethings he would keep doing that again and again!

Nemo said...

ma shefti our driver then lool
9ar m3ana nafs el situation bs

instead he delivered the stuff and he didn't come back ... one hour later we called him wainek he said im waiting outside lol 7aram .. he was waiting for us to tell him come home :p

Ansam said...

LOL! It is still annoying!

Waiting for orders!!! OMG!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

OMG .. is he for real ?? il 7imdillah wishikir :S

Bashar said...

LOL. Yeah, I would never count on such delegation of tasks. :)

I was telling my friend how impressed I am by his maid as I heard his instructions to prepare soccer stuff outside the house doors. Getla "Wallah she is high IQ", gal "la 3ade".

10 minutes later he was over the phone saying "There is nothing out the door?" looked at me and said, LOL seems ours as same as yours :P

Ansam said...

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
Yes he is hehehehe
I forgot my work laptop at home today and was praying to God that he brings it safe and sound to me LOL

3ainik 7arra :-P

Anonymous said...

ambaaaiiiih that cracked me up!!!
Some ppl are just toooooooooooooooooooooo not-smart (cuz mabee agool stupid ;p)

mo3ath said...

loooooool i have my stories with our maid too :P

sometimes it just them being them , otherwise they are scared to do somrthing you don't want them to do

that's something i understand :)

nice blog BTW ;)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Loooool n did ur laptop make it ?

Anonymous said...

LLOOLL! I know Isaac's brother! He works for my husband! My husband wants him always to have one a backup print cartridge for his printer. After three years, the guy still doesn't get it. "But you HAVE prinnter cartridge! Why you want one?" He seriously does not grasp "backup"

T.Anonymous said...


Ansam said...

It cracked me up too hehehe but I think it plunged my sister pressure :-P

Yeah thats correct! They are sometimes too careful to do anything on their own! Thanks :-) Glad you liked it!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
Yes... Thank God hehehehe

LOL Thats funny!

LOL majnooooon :-P

Anonymous said...

Try having a boss like that...aint a laughing matter

Organic Kuwait said...

h my god he sounds exactly like shams !!!!

Grey said...

hahaha ! thats funny !

Ansam said...


Organic Kuwait-
They must be related :-P

It is :-P Maskeen

Dreamy said...

omg you cracked me Up LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

those drivers are so funny, 3leehm 6l3aaat '3rebh .. i read some of the above comments & its the same thing here happening ..

Ansam said...


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