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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mecca Trip - Part III

This post is about food! Heehee!! Well, for the three days we were there... and after each Fajr prayers, we would go have breakfast at our hotel. The buffet was amazing and the service is superb. They have all kinds of bread, eggs, cheese, deli cut meats, hotdogs, beans, fruit (dried and fresh), waffles, pancakes... and more!

Besides the hotel (where we ate breakfast in the hotel daily, and ordered dinner for room service), we went once for Al Shuhada Hotel lunch. It wasnt bad at all... but I fell in love with their ginger pumpkin soup... it actually was why we wanted to try their lunch! I will try to improvise a recipe for Ansam's Kitchen.

I also tried spaghetti bologenese in our hotel and wasnt impressed by it... but the burger I ordered the next day was awesome! I ordered a kids' meal burger and it was filling.

Starbucks is segregated there for singles and families... singles being males?!? And the logo is also different... Islamic authorities changed it there. I laughed because the mermaid (or Esther as so many mulims claim) was sunk into the water and only her crown was revealed LOL!


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Hmmmm the food looks tasty !
but it doesn't help me at all with my diet :(

n looool @ the sunken girl:P
it's ok her crown is still there floating on the sea :p

3alaikum bil 3afya sweety ; *

Amjad said...

Wow. I didn't know that Starbucks logo is different in Saudi Arabia, lol.

Anonymous said...

Emmmmmmmmmmm !!

shame on me !! NoSSaa i suppose to tell you about KABSSAT el 6azej !! AMAZING !! KHAYAAL ana aroo7 il3omra 3ashaan il kabsa !!

ok ok we saw most of ur trip to mecca but we did not see any of you`re pic wearing il 7ejaab !! lol !!

Dreamy said...

3mrah maqboolah ..

LOL @ the logo =D

Ansam said...

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
LOL escape your diet once in a while ;-)
Yeah poor her :-P
Alla ye3afeech

It is hehehe

We tried farrouj Al Tazaj but I didnt take pics :-S
LOL and you go to Omra for it!! SHAME on you sij :-P
Well... I cant post them here I will show you lamma teyoon etzoroona LOL MAYBE!!

hehehe I know
Amen inshalla.. el fal lekom

Anonymous said...

Is that the pumpkin ginger soup? that sounds wonderful! When you get that recipe . . . I want it! Pleeeeeeeeaaaassseee!

Anonymous said...

The logo makes the starbucks look taqleed... hehe....

eshda3wa said...

my kinda post


3alaikom bel3aafyaa!

Ansam said...

Yes it is :-) and it was wonderful YUMMMMM... I will for sure post it here + FB group

It does hehehehe I agree

alla ye3afeech :-*

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