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Saturday, January 10, 2009


As I was driving North on Gulf Road earlier this afternoon... A white car was swerving between cars.. the driver was a total idiot/maniac and was recklessly driving. Suddenly his car hit another on the same road, but he just sped off! A total hit and run in the day light! Nice! I was able to spot his plate numbers and it was too late for me to stop and aid the other car, so I just called 777...

First time the line got disconnected after ringing more than four times..
I redialed and finally I got an answer... a very "helpful" lady!

777: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: Hello.. I hope all is well, I was driving on Gulf Rd between............ (I told her the story)
777: And?
Me: Nothing, I am just reporting an accident that I witnessed and I have the plate numbers?
777: What do you want me to do with the plate number?
Me: Excuse me?
777: The people involved in the accident should go to the police station!
Me: It was a hit and run!!!!
777: Sorry, but I cant take the plate number and I cant do anything about it
Me: OK! Thanks!!!
777: You're welcome



Anonymous said...

3adi ansam... i was in a crash once... called them to come to the "scene" and my car was sort of NOT MOVING .. and on the phone they kept telling me to just drive to the nearest police station....
Um.... I guess they didn't get the part where my car is not moving you know.....!!

shoosha said...

9afgaa 7ag wezarat il dakheleeya

shoosha said...

chan u gave the num to the other car :S ba3ad shitsaween

Purgatory said...

Yeah what do you want her to do? and why didn't you take pictures of the accident instead of those angels in the sky?

Nemo said...

ay shay @@

Neoark said...

ouch... though... your an eye witness too :/

Ansam said...

Thats insane!! I dont really understand how they operate!!

I wasnt close and as I was driving by I couldnt just stop in the middle of the road and do nothing :-S

Those are OLD pics! God you are so negative! I just posted those pics I did not say they were taken today! Maleeeeeeq

Yeah I know :-S

I know! But I dont know how they operate :-S

Anonymous said...

Lol aham shay she calls 777 and says "hope all is well"

Ansam said...

I cant just call and talk.. I have to break the ice! Plus dont take my translation literally cuz it is kinda lost in translation!

Anonymous said...

ok sam7tech :p

Anonymous said...

where do u think u r...the US of A..
not anymore...welcome to our world = P

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

oh my god :O that is seriously messed up big time :s

but sweety .. ya36eech il 3afya for the effort :* u did what u can n that just shows how caring n good person u are :D

A 3 AM Flight said...

At least they answered. I saw a bus on fire once on the airport road, called 777 several times, they never picked up.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I've always had a, "so what" attitude from the 777 hotline :/

Ansam said...

I guess!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
I know :-( alla ye3afeech

A 3 AM Flight-
LOL yeah they answered after I tried again :-P Imagine the line goes... for English Press 1, Arabic Press 2...etc LOL

Yeah! They do talk to you with an attitude! It bad :-(

Miss-Informed said...

Wee mainoona hathi matadri wain Allah ga6ha :D but I'm not surprised. That's how lousy they are.

Ansam said...

It sucks :-(

Flaming Carrot said...

Isn't there anyway we all can boycott ~insert something sensible~ to make ~insert something sensible~ happen?

T.Anonymous said...

Nossaa:im not the Anonymous foog

well dont u remember ur accident ! the losers told us to go to the police station !

Ansam said...

Flaming Carrot-
LOL Is there?

Ashwa hehehe bat chabdi illi foog :-P
Shloon I dont remember! Whatta system we got huh?

T.Anonymous said...

bas kanat experiance !! bada3 ily kan weyana jad jad jad theba7ny min ethe7ek

Evil Knievel said...

Same issues I had with them ... serveral times ...

eshda3wa said...

malat 3alaiiiihum


Organic Kuwait said...

oh my god!!!!!! min sijjech!!?!?1/! la la hatha shay ma yenseket 3anna ...

Grey said...

hahaha ! reminds me of a fight i was involved in me against 7, i call the cops and they say 'mafi mushkila , Insha Alla seer khair' .. i say 'chuck it' and beat the crap out of the seven boys anyways.. needless to say i was black and blue after that.

Ansam said...

SS?! Yeah it was fun with Bu Mit3ib :-P

Evil Knievel-
That sucks

It really annoys me!
And I can tell its annoying you too :-S

Organic Kuwait-
Yeah! Talk about corrupted systems!

Are you serious?

Dreamy said...

wtf! its the same here.

malat 3leehm mn al 5a6r

Ansam said...

I know it sucks :-S

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