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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mecca Trip - Part I

Our family decided to start 2009 in Mecca to perform Omra (too bad not all of them were able to make it). Anyways... I started buying things for the trip a couple of days in advance (such as Abayas and Hijabs... and such) I was so excited.. my heart was racing most of the time, words cannot explain how I felt. The day came, it was Dec 31st... the last day of the year and one of my sister's birthday too. We headed to the airport and my dad was lecturing us on what to do, what to expect, what to avoid.... etc! I felt like a kid, so excited and so anxious (since the only time I have been there before was looong time ago when I was only 10) so this was practically my first time :-D I assumed Ihram in Kuwait and was set to go :-)

We reached the "Miqat" and started saying the prayers to God... that we are going to Omra! It was surreal... I tried to memorize things as much as I could. We reached Jedda and took the ride to our hotel...

Guess what? I switched my mobile on and received a welcoming message at "5:18" :-P Got to the hotel, and one of our rooms' number was 518!!!!!

We reached the Haram during Isha'a prayers and so we had to pray before starting Omra. As I was walking into the Haram... I said the prayers I memorized from my father and the booklets I got. I prayed for heaven's gate to open up for me. We had to seperate (my dad went in, while us the females prayed in a different section)... .right after prayers my dad came, and as I was approaching the Ka'aba my eyes were full of tears!

We did the Tawaf (seven rounds), prayed behind The Station Abraham (Maqam Ibrahim), drank zamzam water and headed to Alsafa & Almarwa and went back and forth seven times (a re-enactment of Hagar's frantic search for water).. after all that, we trimmed our hair... with all of this, I have completed my Omra and went out of Ihram state :-D


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

mashallah :D

il 7imdillah 3al salama and ta8abal allah 6a3tkum dear ..

after reading ur post, im having the urge to go to omrah so badly now !

and lol @ 518 :P ..
u better save this date for ur wedding day as well :P

Anonymous said...

OF !!!! a3lantay eslamich rasmi !! alf alf alf mabroook NoSSaa !

when i first saw al kabaa nothing happen to me have no idea why :~( most of my friends cried ! scared ! etc... not me !! and im so sad about it !

i like mecca but hate the smells over there !! and i have no idea how did Nossaa survived !

yala taqabal alah oo i hope that u pray for me !! i know u did not BUT im hopping and dont pray that alah yahdeeny !! no no need some other things i beleive u knew what i want !

518 again huh !

Dandoon said...

taqabbal allah:) mashallah il7aram fathi! and to think, a month ago, millions of people were there!

Nemo said...

taqabal allah :)

Purgatory said...


I guess you know what I was going to say ;)

تقبل الله أعمالج

Ansam said...

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
Minna o minkom inshalla... hehehe you think?

Aya shagool! I will kill youhhhhhh!!!! yabeelik ezyadat iman ya sayyed ;-P I did pray for you ;-)

Fathi cuz people were done from praying and headed to eat breakfast or eat + the angle it was taken from.. it wasnt very empty since a lot of "baqaya Hijjaj" were still there

I already miss it

Minna o minkom, sale7 al a3maal inshalla

Ansam said...

No I dont :-)
Minna o minkom

Yara said...

Wooow 3omra maqbola enshalah :) alf 7amdilah 3al salama and the perfect way to start the new year.. o happy birthday to ur sis :)

Rashisha said...

Taqabal Allah :D I hope Da3eteelna :D thats a great way to start the new year

Happy NEw Year...

Anonymous said...

Ta8abal Allah :)

Zeecu said...

taqabbal allah, I hope it was an enriching experience :-)

That's it. I'm taking my Mom and going very soon, she's been asking me for 4 years lol ;(

shoosha said...

taqabal Allah 6a3tich ;*

Anonymous said...

7amdillah 3al salama and taqabal allah.......!!!! =)
Lucky you..... our plan is to go in feb ENSHALLAH!!

A 3 AM Flight said...

This post made me really smile, so thank you. :)

Ansam said...

Thank you dear.. alla yesalmich.. yes it is :-) Thanks :-*

Minna o minkom inshalla.. I prayed for all of my friends *hugs*

Minna o minkom :-)

Minna o minkom.. it was :-D
Inshalla you get to go with your mom soon :-)

Minna o minich :-D

Alla yesalmich :-D
Alla yesahil 3alaikom inshalla :-*

A 3 AM Flight-
I am glad it did :-) Thanks
I have more pics to share, so stay tuned!

New Bride said...

el7mdellah 3laa alsalama o tgbal alaah 6a3tich :*

shoosha said...

tara walla ur blog hates me!!!

laish kil ma akteb comment ma ye6al3!!!


Ansam said...

New Bride-
Alla yesalmich :-) minna o minich inshalla

La la... ye6la3!!
But I am moderating comments thats why it takes a while :-*

Manal said...

عليك بالعافية
وتقبل الله اعمالكم

والله يكتب لنا واياكم الزيارة القادمة

Ansam said...

Thanks.. minna o minnich, Amen ya rab :-)

nike dunk said...

lol,so nice

suad said...

بلوج مؤثر وشعرت بكل كلمة كتبتيها وكاني معك في نفس المكان
واروع عبارة قراتها هو دعائك
I prayed for heaven's gate to open up for me
تقبل الله طاعتك ... وتذكري بأن الله لايفتح باب الطاعة والخشوع الا لمن يحب فهنيئا لكك :)

Ansam said...

Thank you for your kind and sweet words :-) Thank you Thank you :-)

maicher said...
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