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Monday, January 5, 2009

Mecca Trip - Part II

So we stayed at Dar Al Tawhid... which is literally few steps away from the Haram. The second picture shows how close it is since I snapped it when I got out of the hotel. Since we were there for three nights, we did have few hours to walk around and shop.

I would suggest that you wear a messenger bag. It makes it easier for you... and since there a lot of poor people from all over that will beg for money, I recommend you do what I did. I would ask the reception in the hotel for SAR-Ones' notes... roll every three or two together and have easy access to! When you give money to one, more will run towards you and you just dont want to send them away sometimes or open your wallet/purse while they are next to you.

Walking around and about Mecca was pretty interesting. I tell you, during prayers or Tawaf... you hear the same prayers, a lot of which in Arabic... but in different accents. You see people from all over the world and from all social classes are all doing the same thing. We all turned the same direction for prayers..... The experience was surreal.

Looking at the pictures I snapped away... I got comments like "Ansam.. you acted like a tourist!" or "Are you for real?" Well, yes... I was a tourist and I am for real. I was astonished by the surroundings... at some sights I laughed so hard that my sister(s) helped me take pictures because I couldnt..... where at others I cried or stood speechless! At some points I would just stare at Ka'ba and admire its beauty and the embroidery of its cover, and think of the history it holds... It was built first by Adam and his son Seth, then by Abraham and Ishmael... Thats History! And the gate of heaven is directly above it! Oh and the Black stone on one of its corners... I was practically in the holiest city in Islam! It really was overwhelming experience for me, and I am definitely looking forward for the next one.


Bashar said...

I like the first two pics :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

good morning hun,

omg i swear u made my day .. :*

while i was reading ur words i got goosebumps all over me ..
the way u described it was just amazing *sigh*
i really am looking forward to go to omrah !
i really need one :)

ok now abt the pic's omg the last one was hilarious , i was laughing and still i do laugh whenever i have a second look at it :P
will it be ok to send the pic. by email to my family n friends?
cz i really gotta show it to them:P

p.s: i'll be including the source for sure :)

Grey said...

Superb pictures... specially the sleeper dude..

Ansam said...

Thanks :-)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..
Good morning :-) I am glad you liked the post. I am basically writing it from the bottom of my heart! I hope you make it to Omra soon. And yes you can, its already signed with ansam518 ;-) and thanks for including the source :-D

LOL... I know, its hilarious

Lina said...

Insha'allah Allah yeqadirni waroo7 again! Mitshawqa

Ansam said...

Inshalla :-)

Zaina said...

allaaah, wayed 7ilween ilsuwar;p

Ansam said...

Thanks :-D

Dreamy said...

I miss that place =( .. tqbl allah mena o mnkm

Ansam said...

Minna o minkom inshalla
I already miss it

Madame Anwaar said...

I was with you and really miss it now.
Hope to go again enshallah together

Ansam said...

Madame Anwaar-
I miss it too... inshalla we go again sooooo soon

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