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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Potayto... Potaatoo

We all know that ALBATREEK just flipped the "M" in McDonalds in their logo.
We are aware of the fact that Kanafani came "before" Kanafji... right?
You get my point? No?
Did you see anything "unusual" in the two pictures above?
Let me elaborate!!
Funny how two groups on facebook share "almost exactly" the same "Basic Info"!
How some people are just too lazy to even take a minute to hide the fact that they're copying someone else's work...
And "coincidentally" using the same logo colors ... COME ON!!!!!
If Dar Al Sharg group needed "help" in writing something in English.... FIVE60 group would not have even hesitated in helping them out!
Stealing a concept is one thing, we see it everyday... but stealing an identity is a disgrace!


Anonymous said...

Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

NoooooSa Welcome to Kuwait

not only Stealing the concept or logo`s they even steal the idea`s, work and even husband and wife!!

this is Kuwait dear.

get used to it :)

Organic Kuwait said...

NO COMMENT! or actually i should comment! IM SPEECHLESS REALLY! NO COMMENT!

powder said...

AMBAAAAAAY , 7ada shame on them , 7ata same description :/

7ady i7tareeet :S

Anonymous said...

its never about the logo.
compare zain and viva in the few coming months for example- viva is approaching people from the same concept zain are.

i mean no one should feel threatened. you know your better- just keep up the good work.

plus copying means success.
and the logos don't even look the same ;p -

Nemo said...

hate this!

Purgatory said...

Was this done when there used to be a church or after?

Purgatory said...

Ah school kids :) you cannot blame them, that is what school kids do.

Ansam said...

They did not put any effort in writing that!!!

LOL thanks hehehe and you called me Nosa... do I know you?

Organic Kuwait-
Its bad I know :-/

I know what you mean!

Skinny Bumblebee-
Logo colors I meant (black background and white with kinda same style)

Read their Basic Info!! I was not JUST stressing on the logo hehehehe :-)

"plus copying means success." I agree... thanks for your support :-)

Its childish!

I guess they are!!!

And they just started... Nov 27th

Maya KWT said...

Lol , we have a true problem here in kuwait with rights, nobody is original lol

on facebook , search for the person/group "Sprinkles Cupcakes"

and then go to http://www.sprinklescupcakes.com/ to see the original store in SF .. hathy ba3ad ma ta3ebat 3omorha to change the name even!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's so pathetic of them :O
They just mimicked the whole thing :/
At least it's reassurance that you're doing an exceptional job. Keep up the good work.

Ansam said...

Maya KWT-
Sometimes its just served to you on a silver plate LOL

No effort AT ALL!!! and yes you are right heehee! Soon they will realize that!

Anonymous said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (!)

It is aggravating, when you have put so much work into something original, to make it perfect, to match the logo, artwork, concept and have a perfect package, and then to have someone lift YOUR idea. I guess there is no real copyright protection enforcement. . . . how's the mobile phone ban while driving doing?

bored said...

loool aham shay even the caps are the same, but i noticed the email they're using, "ebda3ati"...which, correct me if am wrong, is according to what i heard a copy of p2bk funded by a certain someone who wants to represent el "shabab" in the next elections

Anonymous said...

Plagiarism much? *sarcasm*
It truly is an epidemic!

You should see the reports I get handed in as homework -.- Copy/pasted from wiki, nonetheless. Sheesh.

eshda3wa said...

nothing new ...

creativity always takes a back seat

Anonymous said...

oo yamaa betshoofeeeeeN :P

Anonymous said...


akhaf 3abalhum 560 ib amreeka, galaw yallah mara7 ninchak ? loool

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Netanyahu "borrowed" the same web design as Barak Obama. Go here to see the comparason:


Ansam said...

Its a sign of success :-) We are being cloned hehehehe
Mobile phone ban is still on :-P

I know... as I said, no effort at all!!! And I was thinking the same thing about them copying P2BK! Thats really pathetic!

Thats sad!

You are right!

:-P This is just the beginning hehehehe

7ad-hom! Its sad! I swear!!
LOL imagine that!

t.a. -
Interesting! Thanks for sharing! I will show it to my partners in FIVE60!!

Aurous said...

shame on them

but everyone knows that McDonalds is a 100000000000 times better than el.b6ree8, and everyone will know you're better.
So just keep up the good work :D

Ruby Woo said...

Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery, it's simply annoying!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that the descriptions are EXACTLY the same!! mayisti7oun??

bas you should take it as a compliment ;p
They wouldn't have copied your work if you weren't any good ;p

Ansam said...

Thanks :-D hehehehe

Ruby Woo-
I wonder if they are ever gonna fix this!

True hehehe

Fatima said...

They talk about creativity yet they have none!
zain they didnt copy ur address b3ad marawa7da!

bs dnt worry ur description is waay better, shino "dont have money to begin" "we are here to help"
^ i dont like their approach

powder said...

i agree that u should take it as a compliment , this only proves that 560 is more than successful ;)

Yara said...

Shay e7eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr.. i agree with most comments, mo shay ydeed ;/

Ansam said...

LOL imagine that! ooopsy! hehehehe
They talk about creat
I wish they asked our help instead! ya3ni mafiha shay!

Thanks :-*

I know.... getting used to it now :-)

Anonymous said...

Nosteen ba3ad mo Noosa wa7da !!

torremolinos spainm arritori
Flat 11F & 8F

Ansam said...

Ya hala o mar7aba :-D

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