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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Suspension of Trading on KSE

Thanks Tooomz


Anonymous said...

damn it you beat me by 4 minutes!

Anonymous said...

why did they do that now?

Ansam said...

and I win again :-P

well... they should have loong time ago!
They did it because it was needed (regulatory reasons and the current situation) this can give us (investors) the opportunity and time to review the news and current situation!

Anonymous said...

I read about it and I like many others think its a bad move. Dont you think this will create more chaos among people.

Ansam said...
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Ansam said...

Our market lacks regularity and come to think of it it could create more chaos or it could solve the problems... only time can tell.

The market has been going down for quiet some time, and this halt was needed to be done and maybe for more than three days.. this is to help the unexplained downward trend that has been killing our market. Look at real estate sector is not as badly effected as other sectors, specially the ones that deals internationally.

Think of the following problems:

1. Liquidity Issues: Foreign investors had money invested in our market which is good, systematic, and not that expensive... they withdrew money and caused liquidity issues

2. Options and derivatives problem (Gulf Bank?)

3. Foreign investors started selling their shares in Kuwaiti Market to make up for their losses outside Kuwait or to simply grab a better opportunity.

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