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Friday, November 14, 2008

So what if Obama was a Muslim or an Arab?


Purgatory said...

I want to see what those same people who discredit the reports of his ethnicity and defend Obama will do when a real Arab Muslim actually runs for higher office.

Yara said...

thank God for that... bs wagt el 9ejeya shlon? like purg says?

Anonymous said...

So what if Obama was my neighbour in menteng, indonesia?


Neoark said...

I still won't trust him.

i don't trust countries the people in it arab and muslim.

KTDP said...

As much as I'd like to voice my opinion, I sincerely doubt that it counts as I am not American and therefor can't vote.

And then there's the fact that most American WASPS (white anglo-saxon protestants) as well as other groups who's votes count (and do bother to vote) tend to hate Arabs, Muslims and immigrants in general.

And lets not forget that the Fox network had nothing better to attack him with during their year long smear campaign.....

Dreamy said...

what if?

Ansam said...

Hmmmm I really hate to say this but you make a good point!!!


What if!?

You are entitled to your own opinion... I just wonder how do you get up in the morning and tie your shoes????


yeah... what if?

Neoark said...

i wear sandle, the broken ankle won't let me wear them.

it's not my opinion no arab country trust other. a fact.

The Criticizer said...

There's a long list of What Ifs and this is just one. I'm just glad to see positive reaction towards that comment on the media.

Anonymous said...

I second the critizer! there is a long list of 'IF'. Whats sad is the way they think about Arabs and Muslims!

Ansam said...


The Criticizer-
me too

I know :-(

Grey said...

May be they can learn a lesson or two from Indians .. no matter how divided India is Last President was a Muslim , current Prime Minister is a Sikh,

its a non issue actually..

BraceletSeeds said...

Thanks for posting this video! It's still sad to see that no one really discussed the problem with the Muslim/Arab smearing campaign until the end. But that's the way the country works. If you open your mouth and defend those "terrorist" people, then guess what? You just joined them and revoked your citizenship ;)

Ansam said...

It shouldnt be an issue!!

glad you liked the video :-)

Anonymous said...

Uh you guys - wait a minute. Guess what? We have Muslims in office in many places in the USA. They are mayors, they are in our congress - this isn't new.

Obama being black was far more divisive than Obama being Muslim.

Getting elected as a Muslim won't be any harder than Kennedy getting elected as a Catholic. People were foaming at the mouth, saying he would take orders from the Pope.

Politics can make fools of all of us. We get so irrational when our prejudices get involved.

Ansam said...

It basically was historical election!

Q: How do you know when a politician lies?

A: His lips move :-P

Ansam said...

It basically was historical election!

Q: How do you know when a politician lies?

A: His lips move :-P

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