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Saturday, October 4, 2008

One-Eye Veil!

An anonymous reader gave me this link to check when she commented on my Mickey Mouse Must Die post!

The article goes....

"Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive.

The question of how much of her face a woman should cover is a controversial topic in many Muslim societies."

This is insane... now I cant think which is more bizzare! The Mickey Mouse fatwa or the one-eye veil fatwa! What do you think?

To read the BBC News full article, click here.


Dreamy said...

la la things gone far than whats reasonable or ma3qool!!

KTDP said...

"la la things gone far than whats reasonable or ma3qool!!"

one would have thought that the idea was never reasonable to begin with. Though it would be fun to have a bunch of one eyed jacks running around muhallab bumping into things .....

Ansam said...

LOTS of free time... nothing better to do than coming up with such faswas... sorry fatwas! :-P

LOL... abbaih I am laughing SO HARD! hehehe cuz I am imagining it and you specifically picked muhallab hehehehe

I am still laughing!

Anonymous said...

it would be even funnier watching them try and eat :D

:::ShoSho::: said...

Well can't they just have a fatwa to tell men to keep their eyes shut 3lashaan nirta7 ufffff!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh dear, oh dear.. now this IS silly.

Ansam said...

hmmm! very true

that would be nice....

Very silly!!!

His Sweetheart said...

This might shock you but I do see many women wearing it!!

It's a very common thing in Saudi Arabia

The Criticizer said...

This is so F-ed up... Niqab was never mandatory in Islam. It's part of arabian customs, not religion! :/

:::ShoSho::: said...

Wait do you mean they want to woman to show one eye or what? like a pirate maybe lol..

Ansam said...

His Sweetheart-
The one eye veil????

The Criticizer-

LOL yeah something like that!

Grey said...

will it not cause eye problems?

Aurous said...

women shouldn't show any part of their bodies.. It's a sin if they could see where they're going!!!!! ;p

Technogal said...

Then there should be a fatwa for men as well.. to cover one eye not to see women probably!

Hasan.B said...

Etha 7aram el mara talbes il neqab bel 7aj how is it farth?

Anonymous said...

you should start a lolcats or fail.org type thing but for faswas :P

Anonymous said...

http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2007/10/08/40103.html another intresting news from Saudia i thought might Intrest you .

Ansam said...

Who knows! :-P
It will cause accidents for sure!

uh huh :-P

Well said hehehehe

Yeah.. tell me about it!

hehehehe thats an idea!

His Sweetheart said...


It's mostly common among origninal old bedwin women!!

Ansam said...

His Sweetheart-
what is? the one eye veil??

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