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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I saw this city cruiser/scooter in Kuwait City.... Interesting, isn't it?
I laughed so hard with my sister because the driver was wearing Kuwaiti custom full with the head gear (ghetra/head cloth+ ogal/head band)!

Do you know what this is all about?

Oh and by the way... the Arabic writing translates to "dont make traffic jams an issue/problem!"


Purgatory said...

يعني كاشخ ويه هل السيكل


shoosha said...

hahaha he's my type of guy

Nemo said...

walla cute :p
interview him next time

Mink said...


He was in the news once too

Aurous said...

bs tra it's a very cool idea :)

daggero said...

Ansam ;
that is Mr Jaffar Bahbahani ,

he is the owner of Tristar motor cycle shop , selling BMW , KTM ,Triumph and other motor bikes and accessories .

His big dealership is on the traffic lights cross road from Alkhalejiah in kuwait city .Very nice shop.

Anonymous said...

Walla zain yesawee...

lo 7atharat janabna i7na il q8yeen netnazal o nerkab syayeer mini o this kind of vehicles chan noss il za7ma itroo7 min il q8 o il 7wadeth itqel o mako 6ag i3see 3la il parking spaces...

Ma feha shay...ryal rakeb a small tiny vehicle... doing the job it is supposed to do i.e. transport him fuss free o effeciently from spot a to spot b

Wala ana lo yerthoon oboy o rayle chan min bacher rakbat le wa7ed to work...

ana aslan sar le sneeeeeen a7en abi smart car... bs madry leesh every one just puts me down when i ask for one... y3ni lazim i drive a four door monster yalla akoon rakba syara tatres il 3een...

i7na 3ndena bel dawam a big manager that comes on his bike... zain yesawee walla...

Anonymous said...

Looks fun and comfortable to drive in. I wish it had doors though, t5yly I take a hard right and end up outside the thingy!

Grey said...

nice idea !

Anonymous said...

I know the rider :P he is the owner of Tri Star :)

Amonish said...

lol,, its a very good idea but our eyes didnt get used to it yet :P
u know dishdasha+ bike.. it is hillarious.. he looks like a gangsta :P

Ansam said...

Hes making a statement :-)

Gotta love what hes trying to prove ;-)

I wish!

Thanks :-) My pic is clearer and up close ;-)

I agree

Cool thanks for the info..
I love what hes doing! I bet hes awesome.

Daddy\'s Girl-
Yeah I agree
I guess Kuwait is not ready huh?
We used to have a college professor who comes in to work riding his bicycle

LOL it looked kinda funny (cute funny) when he was making turns... I guess the Kuwaiti costume played a role here!

It is :-)

Yeah daggero gave his name too, Mr. Jaffar Behbehani

Yep hehehe remember how hard we laughed? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Wooo HOOO on Mr. Behbehani. We all talk about doing something for the environment; he is really doing it. Guess if it doesn't have doors, it doesn't have air conditioning?

Is it electrical or is it motor?

Great catch, Ansam! :-)

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