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Monday, October 27, 2008

Caste System!

I was out with my friend, Joanne, when she said something about the caste system.... IN KUWAIT!

Ansam: What? Caste system in Kuwait? Really??
Jo: Uh huh!!!!!
Ansam: You think?
Jo: YEAH! Come on... Sunnis? Shiites? Social classes?
Ansam: Its not THAT bad
Jo: Yes it is

Ansam: Not really!?
Jo: Would your parents let you marry someone outside your social class or marry someone with different religious beliefs or sectors!?

Ansam: Well.... if you put it this way.. hmmm
Jo: You see?!! You DO have caste system in Kuwait!

Ansam: Its everywhere but its not that bad in here in Kuwait! We dont have the outcastes - "untouchables"!!!!
Jo: BEDOUNS!!! They are not allowed to travel or go to school or even work!!!!

Ansam (silent)
Jo: See!! There you go!

What do you all think? Do we have "Caste System*" in Kuwait?

*I studied about the caste system back in college in one of my anthropology classes, you can click on it above to learn more.


Anonymous said...

lol yeah, kuwait is a series of caste systems inside a caste system. its how the country functions :P

randomq80ya said...

technically biduns are no kuwaiti

3anooda said...

as far as what i know and heard kuwait is the worst of all GCC countries. LOL.

unfortunately u live in a bubble. enjoy.

Grey said...

I think Caste division is different from Sect division.

Yes ! world is a bad bad place ...

Hasan.B said...

Ashamed to say this, but we definitely do

Ansam said...

Thats insane LOL

hmmm! Some are!? right?

I wonder why you follow Kuwaiti blogs the most then (from your profile)? Knowing and hearing that we are the worst! And followed by "LOL" I guess that explains it well :-) from the tone of your comment I can clearly say that you are rude! TOO rude actually!

You make a good point

I guess it exists everywhere!

Zeecu said...

Hey ansam!

It exists: A multiclass-based citizenship (that the late Shaikh jabir attempted to abolish) is enough to call it a caste system.

Anonymous said...

honey, it is everywhere trust me ..!

error said...

In every society there is a certain social order the Indian caste system is a social order by itself. No we do not have a caste system, he have something else, tribalism.

More like a feudal system or not! Its very complicated, our social order.

eshda3wa said...

ofcourse we do!

bs its not obvious

only when it comes to marriage these things come up
bt nt in everyday life

Big Pearls said...

we try to pretend it is not there.

3anooda said...

ouch im sorry i didnt mean to be rude or anything - i dont follow kuwaiti blogs i follow active interesting blogs. so since the kuwaiti ones happen to be active and interetsing then they get on my list. and anything i know about the caste system in kuwait i know from real life friends not from blogs.

im sorry if i offended u in any way.

Amonish said...

For sure there is.. and not only in Kuwait.. Almost everywhere in the world there is a caste system.. but one is more obvious than the other.
Like we try not to have it, but when it comes to marriage.. there is a caste system for sure in most families.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh yeh!

Ansam said...

I know what you mean :-S


You are right...
and secularism too

lil asaf
and I know what you mean

Big Pearls-
Yeah I guess

In your previous comment you passed on a general judgment saying Kuwait is the worst amongst GCC countries followed by "LOL and then ended it with that bubble remark!

It made me feel that you have a caste system of your own and you made us in Kuwait the "untouchables" I was hurt! I try my best not to hurt others here or be judgmental... I dont point out a whole country and make fun of them... as a nation!

I also here A LOT from "real life" friends but I still dont pass a judgment!!

Maybe you are right... it exist but in a different way!

So JoAnne was right after all hehehe

His Sweetheart said...

I don't think any Gulf nation suffer from caste system the way Saudi does!!

It's so stupid! I really can't bear it!!

Why the heck should I judge someone according to his religious beliefs or ethics!!

God only does, we are merely slaves!!

3anooda said...

i guess it was my fault i tried to keep the comment short and sweet but this is the disadvantage

about the bubble remark i didnt mean u as in just u - i meant WE generally this generation our generation and the younger ones are even worse. i never understood or even knew the caste / sect / ethnicity issues until after i started working. i was completely clueless and my friends and cousins and i always laught at ourselves about living in bubbles where we only know less than 15% of oman

about the LOL - i didnt mean it that bad. i know Kuwait is one of the worst because of what i heard because u have a lot of kuwaiti nationals that are not of kuwaiti origin. then again that was a fault on my side because a saudi would come and say saudi is the worst and i as an omani even truly think that oman could very possibly be even worse than anywhere else.

i dont judge. im the last person in the world that judges. in fact the word doesnt even exist in my vocabulary

Ansam said...

His Sweetheart-
I guess its everywhere on different scales :-(

7asal kheir
I dont think we should argue about this anymore... dont believe everything you hear and dont fall for Kuwait TV series... full of crap :-P

3anooda said...


oh yeah and i have never watched kuwaiti TV shoes - ma3araft arakiz min kithir il bara6um - LOOOL

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