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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I received this msg earlier today -not gonna say from who-

يوجد لدينا ورق جدران غرفة نوم نور و مهند
متوفر لدى معرض سن سيتي

Noor & Muahand's bedroom wallpaper is available at our Sun City branch

COME ON!!!!! Are they for real!!!!!

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chika said...


Anonymous said...

I know exactly who that message is from!!! LOL... tactful marketing :)

Amjad said...

They're so obsessed with this series, I tell ya

A Journal Entry said...

that's ridiculous!

3bady said...

bah .. we have some stupid ppl in our world

shoosha said...

HAHAHAHA thats pathetic!!! now thats hilarious!! i wanna hang out in that shop and see who buys it!

Bavaud said...

To be honest i haven't seen any clips or episodes of Noor since i live abroad, but from what i'm reading i think this is getting a bit too far now! Why would anyone think "right, i want that wallpaper cuz... it's in that soap?" i felt like an idiot even thinking of that line in my head!

Big Pearls said...

this is really stupid!

Dreamy said...

omg walah qmaat al stupidness :/ is that even a word lol

KTDP said...

....... it's ninja turtles all over again .....

Daddy's Girl said...

yannaw il nas!

ana 3ndi so2al, 3la kither ma yakloon ib hal ryoog on their bed, ma ayehom namel wala feeran?!

Anonymous said...


waaaaaaaay laaaaaaaa2 tha7kteeni!

Ya7lalHOM :P

Anything to advertise!

Anonymous said...


Ansam said...


Usually I love their wallpapers and all... But believe me... they are marketing it for a certain segment.. and I am sure they will run out of it because of how much they will be selling! From what I heard and read in the newspapers, there are some really crazy people out there who are obsessed with this soap!

Obviously! Its getting ridiculous

A Journal Entry-
Very much so!

I bet you they will have customers in line for it!

Me tooooooo LOL It would be fun!

I have, kinda was forced to at some points when a LOT of my guest would beg to switch to this channel....
Its a bad soap... slow, if you miss a week or two you can still watch it... and Muhannad is so slow and stupid just like his father (or grandfather?) they dont see things right... and Noor is an angel on earth! ITS RIDICULOUS! Very unreal1
They all live on ONE big house, the weather is almost always nice for them to eat outside in their terrace (sakkaw 3ala khalty Gmasha.. and I LOVE khalty Gmasha LOL)

Big Pearls-
Or smart... targeting "certain" people! LOL

Maybe.. maybe not. For me its yucky, for others it would be MY GOD! I WANT MUHANNAD AND NOOR'S WALLPAPER>>> I want thier life! I heard someone bought the house and charging people money to see it from the inside... and its ONLY Arab customers so far LOL

Or is it? LOL

Daddy's Girl-
LOL you raise a good question... but how when they are the prefect couple with the perfect room and perfect breakfast! LOL

You only need to find your segment in the market to advertise I guess... in this case


powder said...

hahaaha i recieved that too

Ruby Woo said...

If you think that's much. There's this Saudi princess who wanted to rent the place for the summer.

She didn't eventually cuz she was overweight and the place didn't have an elevator.

Fuzzy said...

I think they are smart, they are taking this opportunity to get as much money as possible, who cares what other people will say as long as the $$$ is pouring in their accounts... I would do the same if I had the chance.. This is taking advantage of every opportunity in the market AKA(Stupid consumers)

Anonymous said...

i've got a feeling that this series and the other one will single handedly revive turkeys economy.

bored said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL thats good marketing u have to admit ;p cuz u know that there are some people who would go for it ;p

Oranjina fadidra said...

come on! enough already.. however, wuld people buy that kinda stuff?!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL now I got it why someone did the tsk tsk to me :P

├J o u j a┤™ said...


this is so freaking funny ;p


Ansam said...

LOL so you know who! I think they are smart

Ruby Woo-
Oh my God! REALLY?

And that is what I explained in my reply to most comments.. its smart marketing... ridiculous customers... I wouldnt call them stupid though LOL

It kinda did... a lot of people travled to Turkey this year... so here you go!!!! hehehehe

I did admit to that previously when I replied to the comments LOL

Oranjina fadidra-
Yes... I am sure there would be a lot of people who wanna buy it!

heehee :-P

├J o u j a┤™-

powder said...

yEAH they kind are , bas its old , 2006 :P

Sista said...

3ad ya rait 7iloo! its ugly

Ansam said...

Its a recent ad :-) I received it earlier this week!

Different tastes :-)

Fastidious Babe said...

OMG! HOW LAME ARE WE GETTING!! seriously.. its like the epitome of stupidity! >_<

Ansam said...

Fastidious Babe-
Lame customers... smart retailers heehee

His Sweetheart said...

Then, God luck lol

Ansam said...

His Sweetheart-

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