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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Burqini" & "Hijood"

First, the burqini, now the hijood. The Australian designer of the full-length swimwear for conservative Muslim women has created special headgear for athletes seeking to win glory without compromising their faith.

Bahrain's Olympic sprinter Rogaya Al Ghasara is set to become the first athlete to compete in the "hijood", a combination of the words "hijab" or veil and "hood", on Tuesday in Beijing.

Designed by Aheda Zanetti, managing director of Australian firm Ahiida, the hijood is breathable, fits snuggly like a hood and covers the hair and neck in accordance with Islamic custom!

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Thanks Suli!


Purgatory said...

That just looks retro and odd!

Silver said...

i applaud the women brave enough to wear that thing!;/

Sista said...

I have seen those in Kuwait LOL

SoooMa said...

Yesterday I went to GO Sport and saw the almost the same suit :/
I don't like it ...it makes me feel like an alien :/

Adrenaline said...

Swimming is all about feeling free and light..whats the use of swimming with ur clothes on?

Ruby Woo said...

lol @ the surfer.

bas I kinda don't blame them, because how else would they swim? They eed to cover up.

Big Pearls said...

everyone deserves a chance..and being muthajba doesn't mean u cannot do sports anymore.

Grey said...

Soon they will wear this in marina mall! wait and see !

Anonymous said...

not that attractive!

Ansam said...

I find it odd too

I havent seen any women in them yet!!

I havent!!

Wow! They sell'em at GO Sport! Interesting... on another note, Soooma, where have you been? Its been forever!


Ruby Woo-
But these are not even complying with the actual dress code, they get tight and stick to the body

Big Pearls-
I agree, but those are not comfortable, they are better off going to ladies swimming pools because whats the point with an Islamic dress code that is wet and sticking to your body and showing it off?

Maybe as a fashion statement? :-P

Amu.. I think that is their point :-P

Delicately Realistic said...

Im all for it !

Some ppl feel very strongly about covering up....that should not mean they must sacrifice enjoying themselves.

powder said...

swimming with no bikini is just ....... :P

Fa6ma said...

Awsome!! =D
But I really wouldn't do it. As you said, no point of wearing a long thing if it's gonna stick to your body. Like a second layer of skin, nothing more! The Hijood thing is good but not for swimming =p maybe some other sport like football lol, you don't want your hijab to fly!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful :) It's not particularly nice... but I like the message it's sending.

nyxxie said...

Allah ebarek feha.. :) me3taza fe denha and enjoying her hobbies!

Ansam said...

Delicately Realistic-
Covering up... OK I get it... but it does not really comply with the Islamic Dress code if you swim in it... It will stick to your body and shows it :-)

Heehee :-P

Yeah true :-) They are better of swimming in ladies' swimming pools
For other sport activities... I agree

Yeah :-)

Maybe :-) I don t agree with it -for swimming I mean-

eshda3wa said...

zain laish esma hijood

such an ugly name

i have an islamic bathing suit and i LOVE IT

7ada good for swimming

Ansam said...

Hijab + hood
I am glad you like it :-)

Active Muslimah said...

ZEHBA muslim swim wear from Indonesia can be a good choice if you prefer more privacy.
Their design include a full inner wear which also can be used as a gym wear.

It can be bought online through SOUQ.COM.


Ansam said...

Active Muslimah-
Thanks for the link :-)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen hijood but I have seen burqini (the swim wear). when I saw it on youtube and blogs about burqini, i really had no interest of wearing them on. But when I saw it directly on the shop in gold coast and the styles they offer (some are more loose fit), i ended buying one. i tried them on beach and it's good. it's not too tight even after swimming though..
well, my friends did say I looked like an alien at first..

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