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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Official Noor Ban

So now that thttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifhey are out of ideas and real problems to discuss *sarcasm* they are banning all kind of school bags, stationary, and equipment that has Noor and Mohannad pictures on'em! Yeah and all other stuff with "famous" celebrities on'em! No student is allowed to enter the school with'em!

Way to go on having this piece of news in the front page! BIG news huh? Go figure!

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Anonymous said...

Ay shy....they remind me when they banned Pokemon in 2000!!!

Ruby Woo said...

They're the ones that are making it a big deal.

DxBroSe said...

OMG I can't believe they are actually doing that!!

Teach said...

They better not ban the bloody Dark Knight- I just spent 7KD on him...............

Ansam said...

Its annoying

Ruby Woo-
Its too silly! And again... why on the front page?

They are... unfortunately

Its ridiculous I swear

Vixen said...

*bangs head against wall*

Squirreliya said...

yfashloon ..msaween mn el7aba gobba as if it is monkaR! laish ba3oohum 3al awadem mn el asas! ;/

His Sweetheart said...

Everybody is in denial but I find it a good thing!!

How can a mom allow her 5 year-old daughter to go to school with pictures of Mohannad on her bag and notebooks!!

Instead of having butterfly and smily faces pics, we end up with Mohannad, Yahya, Omar, and the rest is yet to come!!

Anonymous said...

Who'd buy them anyway? :S

Big Pearls said...

il thaher there is nothing more important going on!

Ansam said...


exactly... its not that big of an issue to make a big fuss about

His Sweetheart-
My main argument was how this is too important that it was on the first page and in LARGE print!
Why ban it in the first place! And all other celebrities? Why!!!
Its a personal choice and I am not saying it right/wrong... cute/awful... good/bad! you know!!!

I thought about it too LOL but then I have received email messages that contained all items that were Noor and Mohannad branded... like stationary, potato chips, T shirts LOL... even Noor and Mohannad wallpaper! So believe it or not, there is a BIG market for it!

Big Pearls-
Looks like it :-P

Daddy's Girl said...

Walla Faragha

Ayam awal habeena ib kil shay. Sanafer Jurrasic Park Ghost Busters. Aslan it was a theme inah we buy the must have show thigies (books bags etc. etc.)

Y3ni wezarat il tarbya il 7een betsahem fee il qatha2 3la habbat noor? Mahom il 3arab yanaw o khalesaw khalas! Taw il nass o sa7 il noom. Y3ni il yahil ile kan ye7e6 jurrasic park 3la his whole stationary set (moi) will get good grades while il yahel ilee ye7eb noor o mohanad (may 3la shino y3ni bs kefah b3d) ma ra7 yerakez o ilbent beteg3ad ita7alam ib mohanad all day long?

Laysh yeraboon il yahal 3la il i6ehad? ma yadroon inah kil mamnoo3 marghoob? khalesaw mashakil il tarbya Kelaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa mako ilaa mohanad o noor? ana bashtere for my daughter a book 3leh mohanad mathalan. Kefee!!! il wezara shako?! as long as its not hurting anyone or has an inappropriate picutre on it!!!

dreamy said...

ansam plz show us al stationary?

I wonder walah who wud buy it!!! omg

dreamy said...

ansam plz show us al stationary?

I wonder walah who wud buy it!!! omg

Grey said...

Finally ... some sense ;) how many men has to lose wives to that dastardly Muhannad? ;)

Ansam said...

Daddy's Girl-
Yeah, total waste of time1
Suppressing them is not gonna help at all!

I havent seen any, but received pics by email... will fwd'em to you when I get them again :-)


Shoush said...

Eee, la7athtay?! 9ej ma 3indihom salfa. As if there aren't bigger issues to deal with bil deera! Faraqat-hom faraqa!

Anonymous said...

AYSHAY!!! Laish? What's the reasoning behind it?

Anonymous said...

No kidding? No kidding! How about Hello Kitty? Where is the line drawn? Who is drawing the line?

Great post, Ansam.

powder said...

zaaaain ysawooooon lol

i hate noor , although im watching the last episodes :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

That reminds me of the time they were selliing bags with Duran Duran, Madonna and George Michael bags and pencil cases..

But really, WHAT is it about this show that driving everyone crazy?!! lol I am glad I am not watching tv lol..

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooooooooL @ Grey!

Ansam said...

yeah I agree

I have no idea.. and isnt it too late to announce it? A lot of parents already bought'em, ad well as merchants who spent a lot fo many to sell them!

Will have to wait ans see how this is gonna work



Bashar said...

WHAT? what do you mean they are out of ideas. This is the future of this country they are saving here.

Investment, economy, crime and all can wait. First we need to fix Noor

(Kidding ofcourse. Though the Noor phenomenon was getting on my nerve really)

Zeecu said...

*remembers tupac's ALL EYEZ ON ME bag invading his highschool*

Anonymous said...


I don't think this is true, 'til now I call it rumour. Because that's a picture which anyone can play with it:). Secondly, I opened there site and couldn't find anything!! I even tried to search, but no clues about this topic.

thank you:-)

Ansam said...


Really? when was that?

I think the "joke" is on you cuz I read the REAL article in the newspaper and looked up the link and made that picture... It was on their first page and in large print! Sorry to disappoint you!!
I fixed the link... it wasnt working

1. go to www.alraimedia.com
2. click on Archive/ارشيف
3. go to Aug 26th issue

And you will find it on the very first page :-P

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