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Friday, August 1, 2008

Seafood and Seafood

This is from a competition I went for... Cooking! Lets hope I win hehehehe WISH ME LUCK my loyal readers :-)
Here is my story....

I was thinking it is summer time, and that I have to be creative... I decided to go with seafood. As an early start, I went earlier today to the fish market in Sharg and got me plenty of clams. I later on headed to Sultan Center to buy my ingredients. Whats interesting is that I kept imagining the dishes that I was going to cook so I did not have an actual list to buy! Even better? I am gonna name each dish myself hehehe.

Here is my outcome (and pictures will be posted in the group album)

It takes Two to Mango
(Two main ingredients - crab meat and mangoes)
Four tablespoons mango chutney
Two tablespoons lemon juice
Two tablespoons lime juice
One teaspoon curry powder
Two table spoons lemon mayo (knorr)
In a blender mix the above ingredients

One small mango cubed
Butter lettuce leaves
Red lettuce chopped
Crab meat (processed - Japanese)
One small shallot chopped
One clove of garlic - crushed
Salt, pepper, curry powder, and white pepper
One lurpak butter (the small ones)

In a saucepan heat, melt the better, add shallots, garlic, and the spices mentioned aove. Cook in the crab meat.
Arrange the butter lettuce leaves in a plate. Mix the mangoes with the red lettuce and add the crab mix. Place all on the arranged lettuce and add dressing

Main Dish
Linguine Alle Vongole
Cook pasta as instructed on its pack, but only make sure you dont fully cook it... set aside

for clams
250 grams fresh clams
Six tablespoons olive oil
Dash of dried oregano
Four tablespoons butter
One teaspoon crushed garlic
Two diced shallots
A handfull of chopped basil
Two cups fre premium white non alcoholic wine (available at sultan center)

In a saucepan, heat olive oil, dried oregano, and butter. Add in garlic and shallots... cook well until fragrant (hmmm hmmmmm)Add clams, basil, and wine. Also add salt and pepper... let it boil and when all clams open lower the heat. Then let it simmer.
After that, you add in the pasta to the clam mix and let it simmer again

For dessert after seafood.. you want something refreshing. I decided to go with fruit!

Lemony Fruit Sticks
You need
Dragon Fruit
Elle et Vire pineapple yogurt
wooden skewers

In a bowl mix one serving of elle et vire yogurt, grate lemon zest (one teaspoon), squeeze in some lime and lemon juices (to your taste) and whisk well. Refrigerate.

Cube the pieces of fruit you have and place them onto the skewers. Top them up with the yogurt and have some on the side for extra dip

Voila :-) I hope you like it


Purgatory said...


Ansam said...

Two cups fre premium white non alcoholic wine (available at sultan center)

pablo-chiarpenello said...

Super yummy.

Ansam said...

Gracias :-D

Anonymous said...

mmmm not a seafood person :D

Purgatory said...

If its not alcoholic does not do much to the food.

Hamitaf La B said...

wow 9ej shakel el akel latheeth even though I aint a big fan of the clams :)

Zabo0o6a said...

it looks good even though i don't eat crab :/
the fruit skewers sounds yummy ;)

nawary said...

update us!!..u won?? =)

Ansam said...

hehehe ok!


You have to try it :-) hehehe one good reason is I cooked it!

They were refreshing after a full seafood meal

Too soon to know :-)

Anonymous said...

I eat crab! And I adore clams! Your pasta made my mouth water! I love the starter name, too!

It looks like you had a lot of fun. I hope you win!

Ansam said...

Wow thanks for your encouraging words... I had so much fun. I really hope I win too

Ruby Woo said...

I saw something that looks quite disturbing. Kiwi with seafood?

So you cook? That's really nice.

Ansam said...

Ruby Woo-
Why disturbing?
Its fruit on skewers for dessert!!!
and yes.... I cook, and love cooking

Bashar said...

I don't eat anything that comes out of water!

Ruby Woo said...

Did you mix seafood with kiwi?

It shows. You're a talented cook!

Ansam said...

You are missing out A LOT

It was a seperate dish :-)

Shaden said...

enty fananah

Ansam said...

Thanks :-)

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