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Monday, August 4, 2008

Stupid Spasms :-(

Last weekend I went swimming and I got a very bad muscle cramp... I relaxed and it was gone. Then when we decided to race from one side to the other, and as I was swimming to the other side, it happened again but MUCH worse I thought I was gonna drawn :'-( it was really bad that I was gonna cry but resisted and played all mucho in front of my friends (opps! they may read this!) Oh well... it was bad, specially the second one. Felt like something was drilling into my calf hard. Later that night I started to feel pain in my muscles, which got worse at night (maybe because of the AC!)

At work, its freezing cold, and I was wearing a dress... got few cramps but tried to hold my horses and went to the staircase to sit a bit where its warm and under direct sunlight.

Last night I couldn't sleep! It kept hurting me, only now I am achy all over.. and have spasms in my legs! It was so bad that my muscles were stone hard.. one of them lasted more than 10 minutes I swear.... and then the worst happened... it reached my foot and it was so damn painful! I couldn't move out of bed until it was noon. I was also starving by then!

Now I have muscle ache all over, ear hurting like there is no tomorrow, and runny nose with some dry coughing... ughhhhhh! I dont like being sick!

My doctor is out of town, I am going to see his colleague, who will be able to check my history/files... last time something similar happened was five years ago, and turned out my body wasnt absorbing calcium due to deficiency in Vitamin D or something, but I also was sick with a very bad flu at the time! :-S


FourMe said...

Salmat woman hope its nothin serious.. damn it we're falling apart :/

pink said...

u got cold into ur bones..go for a relaxing massage with hot menthol oil.believe me u will feel better

pablo-chiarpenello said...

You have to stretch your muscle as much as you can when a cramp happens. That is the only solution to repair.

To prevent: you have to stretch you muscles after every time a physical activity was done. That is for about 10 to 20 minutes. It depends the effort in the activity and your age. The older you are, the longer to stretch.
Also you have to take some vitamins. This is only the case that you are not consuming those in the regular diet or you have a body that doesn’t take along that well with the vitamins. Also if you are in the big competitions.

Of course that I am not a doctor. Just a sport man.

KTDP said...

get well soon ....

Grey said...


Doctor is out of town? Why not visit Dr Grey?

UzF said...

take calcium tablets. muscles become funky with calcium deficiency. salamat!

Ruby Woo said...

I hate spasms. I only get them while sleeping and they tend to wake me up.

Bas it seems that there's more to it than just your regular spasm, so go see a doc and you'll be fine inshalla!

eshda3wa said...


hope u feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sallamat...I guess its a cramps season :/

Zabo0o6a said...

ooh, salamat my dear matshoofen shar :**

bored said...

ouch that sucks

Dreamy said...

salamat Ansam, hope u feeling better by now..

You wont imagine how much am in pain from head to toe bcoz of the stupid luggage..

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) I am fine now hehehe and we are still young :-D

I havent done that yet! I may try and go for a massage soon

I try... thanks Pablo
You go sport man :-)

Thanks doc

LOL Dr Grey of Kuwait or Seattle? :-P

The doc gave me some calcium and vitamin D tablets

Ruby Woo-
Me too... they're annoying

Thanks dear :-)

It is... isnt it? You gave it to me, and lets see whos next!

eshar mayeech :-) Thanks :-*

BIG time :-(

Thanks dear... I do feel much better.. I hope you are too

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