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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unique Online Services in Kuwait

Kuwaitis love the convenience. They do!! We have so many online shopping services for various categories! You will be surprise, I swear!!

I personally use 6alabat a lot to order meals at work or at home. Its awesome and easy to use, specially that you can modify your order (i.e. no tomatoes, brown bread instead of white, extra dressing..etc)... and to avoid talking to them is a plus for me! I will for sure get my order right on papers instead of them saying I heard you saying something else.

There is also Taw9eel online grocery shopping site. I have never used that one YET! But I think it can come in handy in some specific situations such as someone with a broken leg, sick, or an older lady that cannot leave the house or cannot drive. I would much better rather go myself since I sometimes find it hard to remember brands of the things I usually buy. I am more of a visual person.

Another interesting online store in Kuwait is eBuyQ8. Can you guess their service? Its an online FISH market! Yes you read that right... FISH!! heehee. Shop for fresh fish, shrimps, crab... you name it!

But the email I got earlier scored #1! Its an online home labor Services called Q8Khadam. How about that for an online service? House maids, cooks, drivers, nurses, farmers, and many more!

So any other interesting and unique online shops you know in Kuwait?


Anonymous said...

nice one...I knew about all the others except the maid one :)

chikapappi said...

Even for "domestic assistance" there's a website!!


Amjad said...

This is really nice but very scary! I mean if this keeps going on, everything will be done online in Kuwait and hence people won't go out and just laze at home. I won't be surprised if the next thing I hear is that work in Kuwait can be done from home through the internet.

This Lady Says said...

Now that's a first! Shopping for PEOPLE!! ONLINE??

The world is definitely coming to an end..

LayDeeLay said...

amazon.com wt a ushopweship or aramex account:p.
i love 6alabat...smtimes callin those food joints up to place an order can be so annoying!

Bashar said...

6alabt is well known.
Taw9eel is starting to pick up even though I never tried it.
online fish, well some people might argue about that.

Khadam... Excellent thing. Amazing.
The site is very unknown yet though, even it has content. Wonder where they make their money from. Maybe they charge for posting.

Chroma-Trauma said...

I love 6alabat, Very convenient and easy to use.
The 'Maid/Domestic service' website is scarry. Would you trust them?? I would rather go for an agency

Ansam said...

yeah! I received an email about it earlier. I have tried 6alabat and its awesome service

Yeah, can you believe it? DOUBLE HAW!

Dont be surprised if its already existing

This Lady-
Its more of shopping for a service... just to make it sound

Yeah tell me about... I wuv 6alabat toooooo

Yeah.. nothing is for free... there is no such thing as Free Lunch huh!?

Ansam said...

They have agencies listings so I dont know how this thing really works

eshda3wa said...

online khadam?
as in they come in for the day?

the only one i ued is 6alabat
and so far so good!

Ansam said...

I think its a database where they gather info from different agencies so all you do is search different from the comfort of your home home

Anonymous said...

hey this is cool stuff

Ansam said...

Sis 4 You-

enory said...

i really wish we had something like this in the UAE! it would make life so much easier for me lol

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