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Monday, September 17, 2007

MAMMY - Saturday Evening Puss

Are you a fan of Tom & Jerry? Well... I am, and I have always wondered how Mammy Two-Shoes looked like? I mean she is usually seen from the waist down but what about her face? What does she look like?

Well, this episode, "Saturday Evening Puss" Mammy was going out for the night to play cards... the minute she leaves the house Tom invite his friends over (street cats) for a party. They annoy the hell outta Jerry who winds up calling Mammy... who rushes home to crash Tom's party... This is where you can briefly see her face for about two frames as she runs back home.

We have seen Mammy's shoes a lot, but here is a picture of her face (FINALLY) heehee
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did... I've always wondered how she looked like :-)

Those are two pictures of hers.... one of which is a captured image from the episode "Saturday Evening Puss" which was first aired in 1950.

And here is the video for that episode;


Anonymous said...

all time favorite Tom & Jerry :)

chikapappi said...

Ohhhh I love mammy.. those were the good day cartoons ..

eshda3wa said...



i always wondered what she looked like!!

Ansam said...

yeah its a non-stop classic

yeah.. for racial issues some episodes replaced her with a white lady :-)


'Grey' said...

I love tom and Jerry ! my all time fav !

shoosha said...

i still watch tom and jerry :$

Ansam said...

Mine too

I still do too.. and my dad as well LOL

New Bride said...

oooooooooooh wanasaaaaaa :) i was wondering what she is look like :)

Ansam said...

new bride-
and now you know heehee

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