"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I come to work in the morning and I see those merc##en##ari##es at each door/gate (entrances). Basically, there have been some couple of fights here, with the police and ambulances getting involved, along with security guards (I would rather not mention the reason behind those fights because its STUPID)! Its is very uncomfortable!!!

I pass by them without making eye contact! They are scary! They look savage I swear, as if they are waiting for something to happen. I can see their reflection on the glass doors and they stare at each and everyone of us (us being the people who come in and out of the building). Those men and their looks are really making me feel uneasy and uncomfortable! I hope one day I come to work in peaceful environment.



Maha said...

ambeeeh! hatha wain?

chikapappi said...

yeah excately, where's that... It sounds so scary!

Whiskey said...

Just ask them to skitt!

GreY said...

Are they like Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent or like Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin ?

Ansam said...

Maha & Chikapappi-
Sharg area

LOL you think?

hmm LOL no like Jetsam and Flotsam (of the Little Mermaid)

Zahra said...

It sounds like you're working during a war!

Ansam said...

yeah like working under martial law

Dreamy said...

eeeh allah yhdach hathooly mayeeboon ay 7d! ytnganoohm ngwah!
enty bs stay away from troubles young lady and u'll be ok!

LayDeeLay said...

i KNOW!i notice those guys every morning and its soooo uncomfy walking past them coz they just gape at u...and im lk...hmm...look elsewhere please!...

Chroma-Trauma said...

Allah Ye3nech .. Hasha 7arab ...

Ansam said...

I dont even make eye contact I just see their reflection on the glass doors and they are annoying

So you know how I feel... lets work somewhere else LOL

Yeah it is... specially after the huge fight they had few weeks ago here in the building.. it was scary! blood, men fighting, policemen, ambulances sheesh!!!

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