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Sunday, September 2, 2007


LoFat is one of my favorite healthy gourmet food -if not the only one- in Kuwait! They offer a wide range of yummy healthy food that is low in calories and low in fat for very reasonable prices.

LoFat idea started with Abdullah AlEisa, an engineer graduate from Boston University who worked in engineering four years before, well I don't want to say quitting, he happily gave his full time and attention to his own business and became an entrepreneur.

I have tried so many things on their menu and loved almost everything I've ordered...
Their lettuce wraps are so delicious and so is their "un-fried fries" which I think are so underrated because not only they are healthy fries but also because they taste and smell SO hmmmm GOOD. Their beef and chicken tortillas are really good for healthy food! I cant believe they are low in fat! This is too good to be true! I also tried their turkey sandwich for lunch earlier and again.. yum! I mean I have tried some healthy food sandwiches here in Kuwait and they taste nothing like LoFat sandwiches... Even better? Have a guiltless pleasure and try their brownies!!!! Yes low fat brownies!!

Over all, the food presentation, the smell, the taste, and quality makes it the best healthy food in the country, and the good news is that they will be opening LoFat Gourmet Restaurant with complete seating so soon (next to Holiday Inn Downtown). This will give us all a whole new healthy experience! I cant wait!

You can browse LoFat Menu in 6alabat or call them at 766-6733/246-4364/265-0287


chikapappi said...

I love Lofat ... try sitting in the one in Hawalli :)

Dee said...

yeah i loooovee itt too!
i soo recommaned the ceasar chicken wrap its such a "sin"ful wrap 7adhhhaa yummy!

Maha said...

ee 7ada 3ajeeeb lofat. And I agree with dee on the chicken caeser wrap and also try their cookies

Ansam said...

I love it too, but I didnt know they opened in Hawalli. I know there is one in the city and one in Shaab!!

I will have to try that too

I never tried the cookies, maybe I will with lunch today :-D

Anonymous said...

I looked up their menu but the minimum to deliver an order is 3 kd which is a lot if I want to order just for me! :(

Dreamy said...

yaaah walah mo wagta hal entry!

am at work o hungry! o 7d ygool ceasar chicken wrap o 7d madry shno ,, allah ysam7ech ^^;

Peony said...

i love their chicken lettuce wrap.. !!

Ansam said...

look for someone who wants to order with you. Thats what I do.. but today I bought so many cookies, muffins, and brownies for my nephews and sisters so I was covered

Oppsss! sowwwwyyyyy! heehee I will post some snaps for you at the very first given opportunity

yeah it is SO GOOD! I have tried some other healthy food restaurants here and their sandwhiches were tasteless

Yara said...

Chicken lettuce wrap , multi vitamin juice, low fat brownie. And for my husband either the cheese burger or the pizza really delicious :)

Maha said...

ollaaaa 3 kd min order tara wayed! sha6lib minhom ya3ny! I looked at the menu mako fayda abla3 ezyada 3ashan 3 kd!

Ansam said...

Yummm! Good selection

Yeah I know, but what I do I ask if anyone wants to order with me.. or buy lots of cookies and brownies to take home LOL

Confashion said...

I like with their green salad :)

Ansam said...

You like what with green salad?
I didnt try the green salad. Maybe I should

Anonymous said...

Now Im Hungryy!

Confashion said...

oops! their pizza..

Pearls said...

aallaaaah ! lofat 3ajeeb ;p i love the pesto ;*** ye3t :s

Ansam said...

me too LOL and its still not 8:30 am yet!

Hmmm! Never tried the pizza! Maybe I should?!!

LOL we are all hungry now I guess

G.Q.™ said...

My Favorite is the chicken sandwich with ceasar salad. :)

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