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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seasonal Allergies

I left work yesterday about an hour earlier and went home! I threw myself on the coach helplessly! I was not able to sleep because of the allergies yet not able to fully function LOL. I was like a zombie! So alive, yet so dead!!! I waited patiently for Futoor time, the minute I heard the prayer.. I drank full glass of water. I waited few minutes before I ate something else! I was so thirsty.

I have been suffering from this !*(^#(^#*#%^% seasonal allergy since the start of this month. It got worse last week. I started taking "Clarinase" at night and found it helpful, it dries my runny nose, which is super... but it also dries my mouth BIG TIME... and all I can think of all day is water.. glass of water!! So I have decided not to take it Tuesday night. BAD idea!! I woke up sneezing, I swear it was non-stop. I so regretted not taking the seasonal allergies shot!!!

I went to work, but it was driving me nuts!! My eyes were red and watery, my nose was also red, runny, itchy, stuffy, and congested all over.. oh and worst of all.. this bad BAD headache.

I was trying to function.. gathering all my energy up to do my best, but there were those breaks in between where I had to stop, resting my head against my hands, with my eyes closed out of the extreme discomfort that I was in! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I so wanted to leave work, but it was still early... 11ish and I was trying hard to keep it all up at least till market closes!

I went to see my ENT doctor at around 8:30pm.. he asked me what was wrong and wrote it all down, and then when he started examining me, he looked into my throat and said... oh this is mild, then looked into my ears and said I was fine, but the minute he looked into my nostrils he was like OHHHH thats bad! its really inflamed and really bad! He gave me the next day (today) off. I was fatigue and restless. I didnt even eat suhoor or anything after futoor.

The medication seems to be helping since I am not sneezing as much.. at least not sneezing my heads off like I was yesterday... but knowing me, I am not big on medications and so.. and I really dont want to get used to taking medications. Any natural remedies you have to share? Would saline help?


LayDeeLay said...

I don't know if saline wil help...but if a hug can cure it...call me!..
Get well soon gurl...

Grey said...

Get well soon! Every one is falling sick ! i think the weather is changing , avoid high ac .

chikapappi said...

Hope you feel better soon babe

Anonymous said...

Get Well soon...

Tooomz said...

Salamat! I hope you feel better soon!

Yara said...

weeh :( salamaat Matshofeen shar enshalah :(

shoosha said...


eshda3wa said...

i totally feel for u
cause i go thru the sam thing
i sneez and sneez till my nose starts bleeding
it sure aint fun

allah y3eenich sweety
i hope u feel better soon

Ansam said...

I want that hug either way :-)

Thanks... and yes it is the weather! arghhhhh

I hope so too... thanks dear


Toomz, Yara, Shoosha-
alla yesalimkom.. thanks

I guess you know exactly how I feel.. now my nose and face are SO DRY! I walk around with a lotion and evian water spray.. it sucks. Thanks 7abooba

Girl Meets World said...

OMG I’m dying!!!!
It started with me 2 days ago. I am suffering from runny nose and none stop coughing! I can’t sleep, and I can’t breathe. I feel your pain :(

Ansam said...

Girl Meets World-
I went to the Doc on thursday and he gave me Aerieus (not sure of the spelling) I'm better but was hoping for a natural remedy ;-)

New Bride said...

salaamaaaaaat dear :)

Dreamy said...

salamat dear -_-
matshofen shr! weird allergy o mo wagta at all >_<

Ansam said...

New Bride-
Thanks alla yesalmich :-)

Thanks babes, alla yesalmich.. it is wagta in Kuwait! You would laugh at us futoor time last week, the minute we hear "Allaho Akbar" u see me, my sister, and dad drinking water with Aurieus, Clarinase, Zyrtec

Dreamy said...

aww allah y36eekm al 3afyh klkm <3

Anonymous said...

oops it was the allergey.... sorry for the sprain :D


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