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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kuwaiti Museums - Part I

I have been wanting to write about Kuwaiti museums for long time. True, there aren't many of them but it is useful to know about what we have. I have not found official sites for all of them but provided some links.

I am still gathering more information on the other ones. Feel free to post comments about the other museums you know about so I can post about them in Part II

I have gathered the following for you:


1. Islamic Art Museum

Kuwait City, Arabian Gulf Street

Phone: + (965) 244-5639

2. Kuwait National Memorial Museum

North Showaikh, Villa No. 39

Phone: + (965) 484-5335

3. Saif Marzooq Al Shamlan Museum

Al Da'eiya, Kuwait City

4. Kuwait National Museum

Kuwait City, Arabian Gulf Street

Phone: + (965) 243-2020

5. Tareq Rajab Museum

Al Jabriya, Block 12, St # 5

Phone: + (965) 531-7358

6. The Scientific Museum

Kuwait City

Phone: + (965) 242-1268

I would also like to include the Scientific Center in Salmiya

The Scientific Center - Kuwait

Salmiya, Arabian Gulf Street

Phone: + (965) 848-888


chikapappi said...

I never went to any of those except for the SC.. thanks for the list at least :)

The Aggressor said...

...and for the ever-present museum of expert time-wasters, any government-run clinic or Ministry will do!

Ansam said...

No problem. If you do go, let me know what you think!

the aggressor-
LOL hilarious

Kumathra said...

You forgot Museum of Modern Art (in Sharg), and Martyr's house in Grain.

Ansam said...

I didnt forget it.. I just didnt mention it in Part I! hence, there is part II! Thanks for your suggestions :-)

GreY said...

There are museums in Kuwait ? lol !
Thanks for the info ... though the time doesnt permit ... will keep in mind !

Great Effort !

Bashar said...

Some interesting info in ur blog. Thanks.

you may want to consider submitting some of your nice posts to Q8igg.com. I already did for a couple of yours, I like them.

Bashar said...

There is Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya as well if you like to include it.

See also if Q8Ba7th would help when you search only inside Kuwait.

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) I appreciate it.
Also thanks for the link, because I listed Islamic Art Museum without their official website. I will try to fix it

Ziad said...

The Dar Al Athar collection was on display at the National Museum until the invasion of 1990.
It has not been possible to see that collection since then so the information is a bit leading. There is nothing much to see at the National Museum except for the Model Kuwaiti town they have built.

Ansam said...

OK Thanks :-)

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