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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why car keys - duplicates - cost you an arm and a leg?

I dropped my car keys, and the plastic cover got broken! (same happend to my spare key some time ago), and when I called the Lexus service to inquire about making a duplicate, my heart got broken too! It would cost me KWD 70.000 without programming.. and that will require them to have my car for a whole day or two! I checked prices on the net and they are in the same range! So WHY!!!! Why that expensive??

Apparently that is the price of technology! Keys are no longer just a piece of metal that can work the whole thing out by its own, there are more things to take into consideration to unlock your door and turn on your car!!! we have now electronic access systems and computrized chips.

The head/tip of the key contains a tiny robot radio that enables some sort of radio communication with the car! HUH! The password can include 19 digits, which means that it will allow A LOT of combinations! Interesting!!!

This all helped slash the theft rate on some models by 90 percent!!!

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Dreamy said...

waa! Thank to allah I haven't lost or damaged my original key yet otherwise I bet it will cost me more ~_~ be more catious lady and no harm will be done O_O

Ansam said...

Yeah be careful! I dropped it and checked it out, it was ok! And then our driver took my car for service, when he gave me the keys back.. it was almost detachable!!! I think he broke it even more, but I dont want to accuse him because "I think" it was him! So I am not blaming anyone here but me!

Swair. said...

3ad i was thinking of getting a Lexus lol... la hal daraja the keys esawoon futhaye7 :/

'grey' said...

Whats happening ? First 17Kd on the basket now 70KD on the key ? Bad days eh ?

Ansam said...

Its ana amazing car.. go for it!
all new cars will have expensive keys

Yeah! Its the 7!!

Amjad said...
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Amjad said...

70 KD? shit .. that's really too much.

During the tropical cyclone which hit Oman last month, my friend's Lexus was filled with water and mud so the computer system of the car was completely damaged and the Lexus dealer told him it would cost him about 8,000 OMR ($20,560 USD) to repair the computer system...

He refused to repair the car and canceled it instead. Luckily his car's insurance was against Natural Disasters so when he canceled the car the insurance company bought the car from him for about 13,000 OMR, in fact he bought it for 15,000 OMR. It was a good deal anyways, but what amazed me is the amount of repairing the car's computer system...

I believe Lexus and BMW will seriously rip you off in order to take care of them.. lol

EniGma said...

yesterday i was at eureka and i left my car keys next to a laptop i was looking at. I think they lay there for about 5 minutes and THANK GOD I found them, I had the master keys of a BMW and a Mercedes together. I don't even wanna think about the cost of replacing both.

Confashion said...

KD70 for a replacement!! laish! min thahab!?

Ansam said...

Good thing to have insurance against natural disasters.. its smart. I hope he gets a nicer car now :-D

phew! I almost forgot my car key (my broken car key anyway) at SAS the other day.. that would have been awful.

3ashan the tiny robot thingy on the tip of the stupid key to communicate with the stupid radio system of the car! 7asha chinna James Bond sij LOL

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