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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fusion - New Age Sushi

Japanese food, specially sushi, has been my favorite cuisine for the last decade, and on average I will have sushi for dinner twice per month if not more.

I am a loyal customer to MAKI, so its #1 on my list.... and then I pause to think which sushi place comes next on my list after that.. but I've just realized earlier when I went to Fusion Gourmet Japanese Restaurant, at the Galleria 2000, for dinner that I was missing a lot!

Basically Fusion has this new concept to it... its a Japanese restaurant with a Hollywood-esque! Its unique! I have not seen something like that in Kuwait!!! I loved it :-)

The complimentary dish served was tuna and cucumbers... I'm so picky when it comes to tuna... but this was a bite of heaven!!!

The menu was uninviting and it put us down when we were browsing through it, but the service really made it up! We were told that the menu was old and is in the process of changing, so we were given some amazing suggestions... all of which were as promised, delicious! I mean all the food we ordered was really REALLY delicious! We ordered two salads -Salmon Avocado and Crispy Crab-, one edamame, a falafil like potato patties, chicken teriyaki, vegetable fried rice, new age epi tempura, and volcano maki.... One word; Exquisite!!! ALL OF IT!

I would strongly recommend those potato patties and the new age epi tempura!!

Dessert was also something I look forward to have again.. organic ice-cream with crushed biscuits and chocolate 'n caramel sauces! Mmm Mmm Mmm!!!!

Ohh and you know how when you are looking at the food on the menu or in a magazine and think "wow this looks really good" but then they have it presented to you looking way too different?? That was not the case!!! The food was really well presented as if it was a picture out of a cook book or a restaurant ad!

Good Location + Delicious Food + Awesome Presentation + Amazing Service = Wonderful Experience

I give Fusion two thumbs up and will definitely go there again and again!


Confashion said...

I had a bad experience with Fusion :\ But that was a while back.. maybe they have improved? Anyways, have you tried the other new sushi place? Bonsai?

Amjad said...

Two days ago I asked another Kuwaiti blogger why does everyone in Kuwait like sushi? Here I'm asking you the same question again! lol..

Most of the Kuwaiti blogs I read have to contain a post about sushi or Japanese/Chinese food! Why does everyone in Kuwait like sushiiiiii? lol

I never got to try sushi. Well, I guess I don't like Japanese and Chinese food a9lan.

Dreamy said...

the desseret sound so yumy!

Bonsai in Abu Dhabi prepares the best California Makki & Tempora makki *drools*

Ansam said...

Yes, Bonsai... they have amazing service. About Fusion, I think you should give them another try.... and then tell me what you think.

I have been a sushi fan before the hype started here in Kuwait. It was back when I was in the States in 1995. I really didnt want to try it.. Most people start with California Rolls but my first was Unagi Nigiri.. and since then I didnt stop :-P

Yeah, we were promised to have an amazing ice-cream and we did!
Bonsai in Abu-Dhabi, is it the same chain?

Kharbota said...

good food.. true, but VERY expensive for what it is!!!

Ansam said...

Yeah its expensive but their location is also expensive ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou ansam for your honest comments. Not too many people know what is good tasting japanese gourmet cuisine tastes like because there are very very few of them around the world. Good japanese food is expensive but worth it. see you soon and thx again.

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) I liked my experience there...

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