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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

IKEA Laundry Rack/Basket... whatever!

Dreamy! Yes its another post about Landry Baskets heehee!! But as you said, there is a hidden lesson here :-P And Fayoora, this is the IKEA one you are talking about.

My friend was in IKEA and told me that there is a similar Laundry Basket to the one I posted about for 750 fils!! I was like WHAT!!!!!! and then I asked him to take pictures, which he did... obviously :-P

Well... this Rack is is somewhat similar but not the same...! Not like the picture I posted on my blog... but 750 fils! WOW! That is MUCH lower than mine! I mean I paid KWD 17.000 (check my previous post http://ansam518.blogspot.com/2007/07/spot-differences.html)

My sister's rack is almost the same - less than KWD 4.000 - Option A

IKEA Rack somewhat the same - KWD 0.750 - Option B

With the KWD 17.000 I could have bought 4.3 Option A racks (keep the 0.3 part for later)

Also, with KWD 17.000 I could have bought 22.7 Option B racks (also the 0.7 part is needed)

If I added 0.3 and 0.7 (both from Option A and Option B respectively) I would get ONE Option AB rack... If you dont get it, just ignore it... its me being silly and angry!!

Ohh and yes, thank you Abz for the pics ;-)


Grey said...

Wow ! 0.750 fills against KD17 ? Some one call Wazara Al Tijari ! Ansam got robbed ! :X

Ansam said...

LOL... its a bit different, but the 4KD one is almost exactly the same!

Zahra said...

Wow! Really goes to show you how much price variety there is in Kuwait and you have to hunt around before settling on a purchase! Tara it's the same thing with clothes!

skunk said...

just to make it worse,....:P

had you bought the 22.7 option b racks you could have in fact kept 2 which equals more or less the size of your kd17 rack,...sold the remaining 20.7 at kd2 a piece, thereby undercutting the supermarket, and you would have made kd40 and had somewhere to put your laundry.

that 40 could then be reinvested to purchase some 53.3333 option b racks which you could in turn sell for quit a bit more :P


lol can you tell we're both in the finance industry :P

Ansam said...

Yes yes! SO TRUE

LOL yes we are heehee I was even thinking exactly like your last sentence but then I read it and started laughing!

EniGma said...


Dreamy said...

Enlight me dear, is 17 KWD equals 170 DHS O_O bcoz if it's AM GOING TO KICK UR A$$ for wasting that amount on a laundry rack while you can get a beautiful pair of shoes from Nine west in the SALE! OMG *poking yr eyes too*

and what even worst finding the ikea one *faint*

Ansam said...

Yeah big time!

hmmm actually according to today's x-rates, its AED 216.533 (can you tell I work in a bank :-P)

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