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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Emergency Hotline

Apparently, last Friday one of the neighbor's visitors parked next to our house and hit the water meter, broke it, and left without saying a word. Our driver woke up in the morning to find that the street was full (flooded as he explained) with water and called emergency hotline.
On Sunday afternoon some workers came to shut down the water supply to our house, explaining that they were given those orders! To make the problem even worse my dad wasn’t home so I had to talk to them with my sister and the driver gave me the number of the person to talk to.. HE WAS SO RUDE!!! I basically was talking nicely and politely to him, he said I have orders and I follow orders. I was trying to tell him in many ways that people are living in the house.. he told me with a tone..
"the water will be shut down today whether you like it or not.. even if I had to bring the whole police station on your head" (some of it is lost in translation)!!!!
Whatta civilized person to be working and answering the emergency hotline! I saved his cell phone number, but I did not do anything about it! I don’t know if its worth it.. I mean to try and get back at him!
The good part is that water is STILL running, because I had to call someone else to fix the problem! Come on! We are not robots or computerized to follow orders.. I mean they want to follow orders when they want and when they feel like doing so! How stupid!


Maha said...

abbaih masadig! yefashloon.. illi kalimich min el hotline Kuwaiti?

Ansam said...

No Maha.. he was Egyptian.. but the other nice guy whom I talk to on the phone was Egyptian too! But Seriously he was too rude to handle that I hung up! I didnt want to say anything bad to him.. my sister said I was TOO POILITE and that I didnt show him how angry I was LOL

Grey said...

Just for the curiosity ! how the conversation went till raining down police on you ?

grey said...

deja vu ... both our previous comments are noted as 3.03pm , lol ,

Ansam said...

LOL I told him that a whole family lives in this house, and my dad is not home.. I kinda was like "please" and "may you/would you" please understand.. this is a misscommunication... but he kept saying NO! Orders are orders and its not up to you lady!

Then I told him I will not allow the people out to shut down the water.. and if I have to I will stand next to the water meter! He said I will bring the whole police station to you!

Ansam said...

grey yeah I can see that LOL

Grey said...

What an idiot ! you should complain to his seniors ! but like you said ! he's not worth it !

Ansam said...

Yeah my dad wrote down his number and was SO CLOSE to complain.. but I told him not to.. Its just not worth it!

Breeze said...

What the Hell !! :@ ..

he pissed me off !! what if i was the one who's talking to him nicely !! @@ ..

OMG !! damn to him and all RUDE ones !!!!!!

shame to have such as those working in KUWAIT !! i mean i knew kuwitis are not perfect but he's answering a line where many and many might call to ask for help !! they must study well about whom to put and who deserve to show kuwait in a good way !!


And whats going on with your neighbours by the way :P heheh they have to be included in the List of Teaching them how to treat others in a good manner !!

EniGma said...

u shud have said to him yeeb ly wazeer el dakheleya ba3ad

skunk said...

lol at police raining down on your head!

i reckon he was pissed cos alot of people who dont pay their bills will call and plead not to turn the water off.

but yeah moron for not even checking why you were calling and what the work order was.

then again he probably doesnt even know what a "work order" is :P

Ansam said...

I know what you mean.. and I dont think one of the neighbors is actually the one who broke it down. I think its one of their visitors, and maybe they didnt know they broke it (lol yeah right)

LOL yeah.. but I felt silly telling him I will stand next to it if I had to :-P

Lost in translation LOL, yeah its a stupid hotline with stupid workers!

LayDeeLay said...

im in t mood for beatin ppl up..so if u need assistance...call me!

Ansam said...

and I am in an opposite mood. We should go out together and be normal LOL

Dreamy said...

ARGH I so want to PUNCH them on the face those tele-operators who lack sense of politeness.. I came cross many and I keep wondering how come such person with such attitude answering customers phone calls.. AAAAAH I guess you betta report him..

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