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Monday, July 30, 2007

To Tan or not to Tan?

Summer time tan!! And we are talking "Kuwait's Summer Time". Summer might be the season to go out in the sun and enjoy the outdoors, but we are talking Kuwait here and the trick is to have fun...... "safely".

A lot of people dream of getting this golden tan, so they rush to get sun tan lotions, creams, sprays….. etc. without even knowing the difference between SPF and UV!

The UV Index
Ultra Violet Index is a scientific term used to tell us how many UV rays reaches earth at different times throughout the day. Those rays are always present but not visible and consists of both; UVA and UVB. The UVB is a good source Vitamin D3.
When looking at the scale of the UV index know that the higher the number, the stronger the rays are and the more exposure you will get! When the index is at a high number you have to be careful for that it wont take very long to burn your skin... just keep in mind when tanning at this time; "how pretty is your red tan with the peel effect" ewe!

The Sun Protection Factor is the number you see on the bottle. The higher the number, the higher the protection you get. How to decide which number you need is based on your skin and how fast you normally burn. If you tan easily under the sand without a burn, you can use 4 and above...

Sunblock Vs. Sunscreen
On one hand, sunscreens usually come in the form of a lotion or cream, and has an SPF rating. When applied it reacts with the sun creating an invisible barrier. It is better to apply it 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and swimming, and reapply when you come out of the water. There are some waterproof sunscreens that last longer than the regular ones.

On the other hand, a sundblock is thick and gooey, and has no SPF rating. It completely blocks the sun's UV rays. A lot of times you can spot it on people easily applied on their noses and lips. So when shopping for a sunblock then look for a bottle that has NO SPF rating on it.

Remember, sunscreen and sunblock do not block out Vitamin D, they only block the UV radiation. And too much tanning can increase the risks of skin cancer, wrinkles, sun spots, discolored skin, well..... just looking bad in general!

Enjoy the sun..... safely ;-)


Maha said...

I went to the beach last week and got a sunburn :(
chan zain ur post was earlier hahahahahahaahh

What suntan lotion + sunscreen + sunblock do you use?

Ansam said...

Ohh sorry to hear that :-(
Wish i wrote about it earlier

I am a big Shiseido fan.. some people think I work for them secretly LOL

try their line (check out their site http://www.shiseido.co.jp/

Also refer to my April 29 post - Makeover

'Grey' said...

Not a a sun tan person ! i'm tanned already at birth he he !

Dreamy said...

awwww I just came to know you are taurus too *hug*

haha totally out of the subject, this is simply me ..

Ansam said...

Nice :-)

Oh you are too??
*hugs back*

Its ok... I get to be random sometimes as well

eshda3wa said...

its not tanning

its grilling urself!

i cant believe its too hot to swim!

its like being in a sauna

not a fan here

salfa3ajeeba said...

thanx for the very useful info:)

Ansam said...

LOL I hear you sis!

Anytime :-)

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