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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lexus Face

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Giving Up Control

Commentaries on Economics, Leadership and the Inner-Journey

Lexus Face

July 10th, 2007

All of us are familiar with the derogatory term “two-faced.” This refers to somebody who falsely presents themselves.

A new idiom may be about to enter the lexicon. That idiom is “Lexus Face.” According to The Wall Street Journal “Lexus Face” is “a peaceful Ogasawara-style closed mouth smile said to put customers at ease.”

Ogasawara refers to the Ogasawara Ryu Reihou institute in Japan. This institute is an etiquette school which teaches samurai etiquette which has been handed down since the 1300s.

In Japan, Toyota is sending all Lexus employees for samurai etiquette training under the belief that this will help sell more cars. Besides “Lexus Face”employees are learning how to stand idly with “fingers together and thumbs interlocked” as well as how many arm lengths to stand away from the customer.

To read the whole article, visit Giving Up Control


Maha said...
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Ansam said...

Sorry Maha.. I removed your post by mistake LOL

Maha you asked me, "you love lexus, dont you?"

My Answer is Yes ;-) I own one!

BB said...

Hello Ansam,

Thanks for your interest in my blog and the link. It is customary in the U.S. to only copy a small part of the piece and then provide a link so that your readers will go to my blog. Could you please do that? Thanks! Barry

Maha said...

thats alright.. dont worry about it

Ansam said...

BB- Done :-)
I actually received the whole thing by email and I copy/pasted it on my blog.. then afterwards I visited your blog out of curiosity and checked the original article!

BB said...


Thanks so much. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Very interesting! Barry

'Grey' said...

Did you know that Toyota Land Cruiser which we call here Toyota Prado is known as "Toyota Lexus GX " ?

Thanks for the link ! nice article . As a salesman i use the thumb rule too ... some customers smell so bad sometimes i need to shove the thumbs in my nose ! coool eh ?

'Grey' said...

Toyota prado in Asia is known as Toyota Lexus GX in the USA .. sorry that came half the first time

skunk said...

lol japanese people are nuts :P

and Grey, thats not all,... you know those curvy bubble looking hatchback lexus's here?

in asia theyre called harriers and arent marketted under the lexus brand.

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