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Thursday, May 10, 2007

SCEAS Syndrome!

Sometimes when I try to sleep I get this intense feeling that I "voluntarily" want to move my leg... because I get this unpleasant sensations and aches! So I try to move around my leg(s), and sometimes move around as whole to get some relief.

Then there was this one time, at band camp!! no I am kidding LOL... Seriously, this one time I googled* and yahooed** it out and next thing I know is I have Restless legs syndrome (RLS)!

OK! Hold it right here!!! I have not been professionally diagnosed with RLS (by a physician)!!! So I don't belong to the Syndrome-y people just yet!

Well anyway, I searched more and more about it, and found so many different names for it such as; Jimmy Legs, Jumpy Legs, Jimmy Jams, The Orchestra, spare legs, "the kicks", or sewing machine foot..... and (this is a good one) a Heebeejeebees!!

I may have Heebeejeebees! Yes Heebeejeebees! I couldn't stop saying Heebeejeebees that day... Heebeejeebees this! Heebeejeebees that! Heebeejeebees!!!

OK now back to the "Heebeejeebees" topic, the Heebeejeebees syndrome has no known causes, but it runs in families so it must be genetic! So I figured, what the hey! I will ask mom and dad.

I was talking to them without saying its a syndrome and not telling them about my Heebeejeebees research.. as I was talking, my dad said: Yeah! I have those sensations as well!

And to your surprise.. I said Heebeejeebees again! I said: Dad, do you think we have the Heebeejeebees syndrome! The RSL syndrome! Its your fault! Its genetic and I got it from you! LOL we both starting laughing about it!!! But we both agreed that our movements are rather controllable than uncontrollable. I mean what I read about the Heebeejeebees explains that they are uncontrollable urges to move the limbs in order to stop the sensations.. but in both of our cases.. we tend to move our leg(s) or shake it.. so its not involuntarily movement in our case! So maybe after all I don't have a Heebeejeebees! I am sure they will come up with another syndrome called hmmm maybe Hooboojooboos! and who knows! I may then wont stop saying Hooboojooboos!! LOL

So me and dad were discussing how some people would come up with names for different diseases followed by the magical word SYNDROME! Everything now is something-syndrome! I must be just tired or overworked myself in the gym or so, and thats why I am getting those sensations, not because I have Heebeejeebees-whatta!

Ok so think about it? Why is it that people make up a syndrome for everything! To me, the Heebeejeebees (or the Hooboojooboos) are rather funny cases! Its actually jaw-breaking-funny! I mean those researches and pharmaceutical and drug companies are just coming up with all those names to trick people (who should wear a sign "I'm Stupid" - refer to my older post under the title "Signs" please :-P).. all that to make money of course!

So.. people are a joke, looking for a quick fix! A drug company look for those people and they keep telling them "YOU ARE SICK.. YOU HAVE A SOMETHING SYNDROME", to stay in business and make money!

If you are done reading and wondering about the title of the blog "SCEAS Syndrome" it’s a syndrome for people like me and dad.. people who just want you to basically Stop Calling Everything A Syndrome-Syndrome! Get it now?

*, ** Quick Note: spell check wanted me to change "googled" but was so fine with "yahooed"…. Interesting, isn't it?


Carly said...

Hey, My father was just talking about RLS. He said that he was talking to a Dr. friend who admitted that there really was no such thing. It is just a made-up syndrome for the drug companies to further pillage the people!

Ansam said...

Yes.. Its silly!

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