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Friday, May 25, 2007

The Missing Socks

When I was in college, and did my laundry.. most of the time my socks would miss its match! That drove me crazy, because it happens A LOT! I just keep wondering where would all these socks go... I never find them, even if I search back again in the washer/dryer.. I thought it was me! But even when in Kuwait, where I don't do my own laundry, I have someone to do that for me.. and the socks still go missing! I plan to go back and do my own laundry now to really discover what is happening!!

Where could all those socks be possibly going!! So whats the reason behind that!

Is it a selling strategy and an inside job for socks' companies?? Maybe those companies are behind all those missing socks!! They just want you to buy more and more!

Maybe not!!

Maybe socks come in couples and sometimes things don't work out for the best for some of'em... and so they decide to leave their match, and escape to hmmm ...errr..... socks world?

Maybe not?!

Hmmm... OK so how about this: the socks' monster take them when in the dryer? And don't even ask what they do with those missing socks.. I repeat that: DON'T GO THERE looking after your socks!

OK, not good enough? Then read this.... this is good, in the show "Married with Children" the theory goes beyond Socks Land and Monsters... it goes to Aliens!!!
Al:  " Peg, 3 little green aliens came in and stole my socks."
Peg: " Were they green before or after they stole your socks?"

Oh and have you ever seen that episode from Ren and Stimpy?? Where they get sucked into a black hole?
They find themselves in a bizarre dimension! Then they are suddenly compelled to follow a horrible smell!
That smell turn out to be a huge mountain made up of missing socks from planet earth LOL!

OK OK enough of X-Files.. I believe the main reason is that they get stuck during the cycles or get caught in the vent!

1. Unplug your appliance.
2. Pull the dryer out to get behind it
3. Open bolts and remove cover/lid
4. I heard you will be surprised... LOL

So the best way is to put all your socks in a mesh bag when washing :-)

OK now that we are done talking about socks.. where does all those missing pens and plug-in-sockets go?

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Zahra said...

Haha it's true! My socks always go missing too and now I half-believe your story about a Sock Monster. Maybe we should put the picture of the missing sock on milk cartons.

Ansam said...

LOL.. Imagine the KDD milk with that picture!

Kim said...

Hilarious post! WTG Sam

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