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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fruits & Passion - I

A reader of my blog contacted me few days back and wanted to gift me a basket from Fruits & Passion to review.

Fruits & Passion is a global company head quartered in Canada with a local seller in Kuwait. They specialize in body and face care, fragrances, ambiance, kitchen, and more.

Of course I did not mind since I am into all of the above hehehe and I came home yesterday to a basket of goodies :-)

Here I am posting some pictures, I have tried the shea lip butter, the room spray, and the candle. So stay tuned for more on it.... I am planning on using more of the stuff this weekend since we have a girls get together and I will be getting a bigger feedback.

As soon as I opened the bag, I took out the basket and could not help but notice the amazing smell of the products... they were still wrapped in plastic.

I unwrapped the gift and snapped away some pictures. An item after the other, examining each and smelling'em too! I was on my way to go to my grandma's house, so I put on some of that Shea lip butter, it was what I needed the most at the time because my lips were kinda getting dry and I did not have any chap sticks or so. So ok, I applied some at around 11:00am and its now 2:30 and my lips are still moist but not sticky :-D I went on the site and checked other fragrances/shades and man! I wanna get them all... Besides Shea they have them in Avocado, Monoi, Moringa, and Cocoa... AVOCADO! I bet that one is AWESOME! Each will leave a sheer gloss! This item is gonna be in my bag now... I love it, absolutely a MUST HAVE for this summer ;-)

I lit the candle in my bathroom and sprayed some room spray.... I decided to sneak into two of my sisters rooms and sprayed in some more. The candle to be quite honest did not emit very strong scent, it was just okay! The spray on the other hand was wonderful... the one I have is Fruit of the Islands scented.

First sister reaction:
She walks into her room and goes: "hmmmm whats that smell? Hmmmm, it smells like Herbal Essence shampoo". And she's right! You know that smell? Its awesome! Its a mix of fruits and spices and hmmmmm... it is so good!

My other sister:
She goes in, put her bag on the side table and stand in the middle.... She ask me: "Ansam!! What kind of room spray are they using these days?" She did not look happy or angry, she had that poker face on... I tell her its from the gift basket, and she goes: "ITS AMAZING! Can we use some for our lounge when the girls come in?" I am thinking OK thats perfect... more reactions to test.

I have more products to test and try out so stay tuned... I am in love with it so far!


Miss-Informed said...

I know I love their products so much. I was disappointed when they closed their shop in Fanar. You should try their apricot/peach body spray and range. They're absolutely amazing. The candle I have is very strong, it's also the apricot flavor.

Another must-have product is the hand cream "olive" flavor. It comes in a big jar and the smell is absolutely wonderful! I've been using it for over 5 years now. Try it :)

Daddy's Girl said...

ooooh ur so lucky o i am so jealous... masha2 allah! You have a gift basket from F&P :p

3leech ib 1000 3afiya hon :D

Do u want to see a picture of my stash from Fruits & Passions?

I was almost in tears when they closed down fanar... i ran from fanar to the airport trying to salvage the last remaining stock items. Then, whenever i go to dubai i must make a stop at their store and buy tons and tons...

I love their vanilla deodarant, their fruits of the orchid room spray and evaporating oil, and almost all their creams and shower gels...

I know they sell it now by the same previous owner in a spa somewhere but i have enough supplies to last me a year :p

when im done i will go to them :D

DD said...

Oh ashwa ana 3abali they closed down
thanks for the site and link and review :****

Ansam said...

Miss Informed-
I am new to their products. I have never tried them before. Now that you mentioned Al Fanar, I remember passing by it but never bought from it. I guess I did not give it a try before... its amazing

Daddy's Girl-
LOL :-P And I am enjoying is so much *alla ye3afeech* yes show me pictures hehehehe. I never shopped there before, but now that I tried it I am in love :-D

You are welcome :-)

Dreamy said...

I know F&P and yeh I luv their products' smell

Big Pearls said...

sounds good, I should try their products:)

Daddy's Girl said...

Usually when u buy the glass bottle of the shower gel and body cream, it is refillable in F&P branches...

Dubai will do it for me

i have a Q, how about here? Can they do refills?

Haider said...

First of all, Ansam, thank you very much for your honest (and positive) feedback :D

Your point about the scented candles is something we mention to our customers before buying them, so they don't raise their expectations too high.

@Daddy's Girl: I'm afraid we don't do the refills, but we have special offers on a range of our products, so it works out better than a refill at the end! ;)

Dubai told our customers that we no longer exist so they can continue to buy from them!

@Everyone: I'm glad you all have had a positive impression of our products! :D

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website.

Madame Anwaar said...

Hey, This is me I'm the eldest sister u didn't give me a try.

So plz when i come by let me smell it coz it's look nice

Ansam said...

Madame Anwaar-
You can try whatever you want :-* muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
I thought you did :-S sowwwwyyyy

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