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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Communications "Skills"

Yes! A lot of sales people, call centers, waiters/waitresses, managers need it!

A new restaurants opens, my sister goes with her friends for breakfast and get mixed up orders THREE times! Not to mention the careless manager. They tell him we wont pay... he goes "be my guest". He does not even try to make it up to them

Telemarketers who cannot understand "NOT interested" and keep asking for a minute or two to at least convince me into getting their products! I mean they want me to buy new shampoo, I tell them I am bald, they still wanna talk!

Call centers! Yes, I ask about an offer, she goes the promotion period is over, I ask her what was it about, and she say why do you wanna know? ITS BECAUSE I WANNA KNOW! And its not like she ask why do you wanna know? She goes and interrupt me before I finish my question and tell me with a sarcastic tone that I am TOO late to be asking about it! What if I wanna understand the ad itself!

Its not just that! I go into the elevator and someone burps! WTH! No sorry no excuse me NO NOTHING!


Anonymous said...

mageltelah shay?! ahahaha

that's horrible.

About Communications skills! HEe na3aaam alot of people lack it!

DD said...

call centers! yes... sucks BIG time

Bahrain Fashion said...

What a rude restaurant manager?! He should have been apologetic. ;)

New Bride said...

3ad here in kuwait 7adhom the need skills

Aurous said...

you should've complained about that rude manager! :\

KTDP said...

if they knew how to communicate and were of some intelligence .... say mediocre .... then why the hell would they be working such a crappy job .....

Chirp said...

customer service is so much worse in london!
bas kil shay ib 9oob wily burped in the elevator ib 9oob. araf! lol

Delly said...

wai3 burp! horrible.. thats what it is like here in the office,, kella hnood ( sorry im not a racist ) bas wai3 they're nasty! they burp all the time and its really loud! eewwww ;/

Ansam said...

Skinny Bumblebee-
Disgusting! No I didnt I was in SHOCK hehehe

Share your experience :-P

Bahrain Fashion-
I know! He was so full of himself!

New Bride-
Yeah they should invest in communication skills courses

Complain to who if HE IS the manager? PLUS... I was not with them! ye7err sa7??

LOL good point

Yeah ewwwww

Lets look at the bright side... they dont fart here in the office (or?!)

1001Nights said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Burped right in front of you and you're in an elevator so there's no escape! Heheheee that's hilarious! Well, if it makes you feel any better when a Kuwaiti woman I know was abroad some old lady err... sorta relieved herself? And she apologized to my mom. It's one step below burping but at least she was apologetic about it :D

Ansam said...

Yes!!! Imagine that!
LOL thats hilarious...

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