"Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" is a poem by Robert Herrick. This poem portrays our existence on earth, and that people age as life goes on, and everything becomes boundless. Herrick here urges people to take advantage of youth and energy while they may! The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, to seize the day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Into the Land of Futility

Into the Land of Futility
By Shurooq Amin

Gothic women

Embracing the sky

“Come with me

And i will take you

Into the Land of Futility”

Light calls to me

From whence my father resides,

An extra burden on the angles.

Warm chills flutter

On wings of crystal.

Darkness beguiles me

From whence Lucifer towers

Lord of a child’s nightmare

Up till the age when she cries

“daddy, daddy”

And finds no one there

But the faces

Of mother, brother

And the embryo of a sister.

Unborn as yet.

Catalytic presumptions.

Daddy has gone.

Sister has come.

Irreplaceable replacement.

God’s gift to you, mother.


Maha said...

waw! nice poetry! o the poet shurooq 3indaha site 7ilooo
i like her paintings mashallaaah

Ansam said...

Yeah she is talented

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