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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Imad Mughniyeh

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter!

The name of Imad Mughniyeh appeared once again in the headlines!!!!!!!!!!

How can we mourn the death of a terrorist, who was responsible for hijackings and the US and Kuwait Embassies bombings, and who killed so many innocent people!

Is the word "Martyr" so easy to give today! Why is he being called a martyr!

Who is involved here! Mossad? CIA? Hezbollah? the US? Assad?
I dont really care! He is gone!!

What I am worried about is the aftermath! His death may lead to get more people killed in retaliation than when he was alive! People mouring his death after what he did... and the mixed responses to that! The chaos!!

He killed innocents and was responsible for several bombings/hijacks in Kuwait... and also participated in releasing criminals imprisoned in Kuwait!

He is dead now! People in Kuwait are mourming the death of the "Martyr"! They forgot all the "FLIP"

Its FLOPPING ridiculous!

What! Why! How!

Some Shiites in Kuwait are mourning the death of THIS man and calling him "MARTYR"! A top guerrilla commander in Hezbollah who did horrible things to us Kuwaitis... let alone others!!! Life is funny indeed! I swear


He was never officially accused of the hijackings... but he surely was behind it all! An Egyptian former steward with Kuwait Airways said he recognized Mughniyeh as the hijacker of two Kuwaiti passenger planes in the 1980s.

The planes were seized by militant Shiite groups to demand the release of 17 Shiite activists jailed in Kuwait for carrying out a series of bombings against U.S., French and Kuwaiti targets.



In April 1988, Shiite gunmen hijacked a the jumbo jet en route from Thailand to Kuwait City. They diverted it to Iran, Cyprus and Algeria, demanding Kuwait free 17 pro-Iranian terrorists jailed for attacks in Kuwait. After a 16-day ordeal and the murder of two Kuwaiti passengers, hijackers freed the hostages and were allowed to leave Algiers.
Imad Mughniyeh was behind the hijacking of a Kuwait Airways flight in 1988 and the killing of two of its Kuwaiti passengers.



-- Imad Mughniyeh was a master of deception. He was also Hezbollah's chief of security and its strategist. His alleged role in bombings and kidnappings earned him a place on the "Most Wanted Terrorists" list of the United States.

He reportedly underwent plastic surgery in Iran to change his appearance. Mughniyeh was often reported to be in Iran or Syria or on a plane between those two countries. Tehran and Damascus always denied any knowledge.

In December 1985, there was another simultaneous bomb barrage on the streets of the Kuwaiti capital.

Even watching the Kuwait story develop from Beirut that winter, I can remember hoping the mysteries of the barracks bombing might be about to unravel. One of the attackers left a severed thumb at the scene in Kuwait. Police quickly uncovered his identity and 17 suspects were rolled up and jailed before they could escape.

One of those sentenced to death in the Kuwait case was none other than Imad Mughniyeh's brother-in-law.


Are those who live by the sword really die by the sword??!?
All I know is that "What goes around comes around!"


Big Pearls said...

I feel sick of what is happening in Kuwait..9j bas ikfaya fetan..ikfaya mashakil wallah malaina!

Ansam said...

Big Pearls-
E I dont know why thet started it min al asas! e7na shako fih! he was an enemy o fajaa sar shaheed! alla ya7feth lekuwait!

falantan said...

good research, I tip my hat to thee

eshda3wa said...


i left a long ass comment oo ma 6ala3!!


eshda3wa said...

im just going to attempt to write it again

as the saying goes, you are innocent until proven guilty

since he was accused but never convicted.

as for abdulsamad having a 3aza for him, last time i checked we were in a democratic country and you are free to mourn whoever u like.

the only thing wrong with it is it was a STUPID political move!!

oo kel hal thaja ele sayra is all for political gain! nothing more!

nass yaboon yfargoon sha3bna!

ana wedi a3arf laish el kuwaities yrezoon their face. Ay kharab aw ay 3afsa beldinya e7na ba3ad ne3tifis!
madre meta we mind our own bussiness! wa7ed lebanese mayt. e7na SHAKO!!

manyooz manyoooz! manta3alam min 7arb iran oo iraq, razaina ewyeehna oo kalainaha, wal7een ayshay y9eer eb lebanon ham razeen!


dudes let us just live in peace mestanseen 3ala ghbarnah!!

Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia congratulate the organization responsible for elimination of terrorist Imad Mugniyeh on a job well done!


Hamitaf La B said...

I sort of agree with eshda3wa... its all a very stupid political game...
Sooo many theories and soooo many who said what's and who did whats...
So eshda3wa said what I was thinking.. ;pPp if I was thinking it...
I tend to take myself away from all the political mumbo jumbo.. lana kela lies oo 3awar ras oo BULL...

Ansam said...


Yes! We should care about whats going on in the country! That should keep us busy! e7na shako! I agree... o malna shoghol! Bes I was thinking of the families who suffered before and got hurt in one way or another from what he did, and then see people from their own country mourn him! Its just too much

Hamitaf La B-
LOL I know what you mean hehehe
o after what happened they fled the country! its chaos!

Anonymous said...

I hate politics and thats the reason I am the last one to comment here :D

Ansam said...

In an ideal world... politics should be about honesty, truth, integrity, public welfare, & decency

In reality... politicss are about lies, cheating, deceiving, acting, greed, & stealing

There is a huge gap between "idealist" and "realist" unfortunately

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