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Monday, December 31, 2007

Before Year Ends

OK! This is gonna sound weird! but.... what the hey!!! LOL
I did my first surgery in 2007!!!! to be exact... at 10:40ish am this morning... and then went to work! I have four stitches on my neck, on the side to be exact. NOTHING major though! I went to the doctor not knowing the exact procedure. I was laying down on my tummy and my head to the right, then they covered my head with a green garment that has a hole in it! I went EEEEK!! What is going on??? He was operating on the left side of my lower neck.. I heard him asking the nurse for scissors and blades and my eyes popped! WHATS GOING ON! Is it a good thing that sometimes doctors wont explain the procedure or what? I don't care.. he is an awesome doctor anyway...

Anyways... I ended up with four stitches :-) YES! I don't know why I am smiling. I kept remembering how happy Bart Simpson was when he had stitches and never knew why! I still don't know why! LOL! ITS INSANE I KNOW!!!

Happy New Year to my loyal readers :-)

My surgery wasnt major! They removed a black mole I had and loved!!! I went in, the area got cleansed, then it was numbed with anesthetic, afterwards he placed a green drape over my neck/face.... The mole was removed by excision and stitches. I was done after 20-25 minutes and four stitches ;-)


LayDeeLay said...

What was this op all about!!
And i can picture u in a Greys anatomy scene..on t table...green garment...mc dreamy over u...sigh...ok, this wsnt brain surgery, so ill stop:p

Ansam said...

LOL.... It wasnt major.. I was wearing regular clothes. I removed a mole (it was black and beautiful and I didnt want to... but it started to itch so I had to)

I actually didnt know I was going to end with four stitches heehee

Will remove those next Monday

chikapappi said...

a77777!!! OMGGGGG you were not under anesthetic!! RAMBOOO!!

Ansam said...

LOL no I was I was... read the update! hehehehe

loya said...

7imdilla 3al salama :D
Happy new year :*

loya said...

7imdilla 3al salama :D
Happy new year :*

Maha said...

matchofen shar

'Grey' said...

Happy New Year Ansam . May God bless you and keep you safe .

eshda3wa said...


n happy new year!

CresceNet said...
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Dreamy said...

aww al 7imdela 3la al salamah *hugs* hope you feeling better by now

Dreamy said...

Happy New year ^_^

Ansam said...

loya, Eshda3wa, & Dreamy-
Alla yesalmich :-) to you too

Thanks eshar mayeech

Thanks buddy

Anonymous said...

*ouch* that must be painful!

I hope you recover soon :)

Ansam said...


Organic Kuwait said...

salamat :) enshala its the last surgery amen :)

Confashion said...

Salamaaat!! Ma tshoofeen shar. Hope you're ok now?

Rashisha said...

SALAMAT!!!!!! Omg Im scared I want to remove the ones on my face (LOL it sounds gross) But with the family history i just wanna be on the safe side,, BUT I HATE PAIN

Ansam said...

Organic Kuwait-
Thanks :-)

I am good... I feel queasy and the stitches are on my lower neck/shoulder which is really bad place to be.. Specially when driving, sleeping, or so

Its not really painful.. its hmmm just being uneasy and feeling some discomfort and mild mild pain... if its small I think you can elecrically remove it but I am not sure

This Lady said...

I had a surgery too.. Though not in 2007.

It was scary!! Don't want to repeat it :/

Ansam said...

This Lady-
no mine was mini hehehehe

bored said...

7imdila 3al salama and happy new years ;)

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) 2u2

Anonymous said...

salamat salamat :) didnt know you had surgery and yesterday you looked really good ;) no sign of surgery 7imdila
and yeah its waaaay much better when u dont know whats going on during the surgery unfortunately when i did my Lazik i knew exactly what was going on (cuz of what i do) and it was baaaaaaad!

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) Its a tiny surgery with tiny four stitches hehehehehe

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