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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

BCBG Kuwait = Big Crooks Big Gyp

I went to Arraya Center last night and dropped by BCBG... BIG mistake!

I bought this dress, this shoe, and this bag.

My total was around KWD 364

And if you add up all these items from the links I provided.. they total to USD 871.60 (which is equivelant to KWD 238.909)

Thats over KWD 100 difference! BCBG Kuwait SUCKS! Who agrees?

GOD! Can I just return them all!!!!


Anonymous said...

well they need to make revenue right! plus you can always refund?! no?

Anonymous said...

yeah i know they charge more in kuwait it sucks!!

Ansam said...

BD- No!!! How come other boutiques dont have that much differences in price! Its rediculously high! More than KD 100!!!!!
I will call them and see if they do refunds!


Dreamy said...

u cant return them?

Ansam said...

I will call them and ask if I can do so once I get home! Thats not how it is in UAE.. right?

Yara said...

I hate that ;/ walla i dont trust anything here.. thats why i dont shop alot here except for basics..

Ansam said...

I am joing you with this!

Anonymous said...

I am sure they have the return policy on the receipt..Just check it on that!

Enigma said...

welcome to kuwait, land of the 7aramiya.

chikapappi said...

that's why I don't get stuff from there - fee ma7al I forget its name ok, I got a tunic that was cool, I go to SOuq Salmiya City Center & THEY HAVE THE SAME FREAKIN MATERIAL THERE! I WENT CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY

Maha said...

WOW ambay you could have bought another dress with that money!!!!

Shopa said...

BCBG Kuwait do sometimes charge more for certain items. What I usually do is;

1) check collection online and note prices.
2) Go to Al-rayya and try things on.
3) Check Kuwait prices
4) if the difference is minimum, I buy the item.
5) If they are overdoing it (counting shipping money) I just order it online.

Ansam said...

..::Fast Lane::..
I havent even check! I am so busy! I swear I was so busy to even call and check!!!!

:-S No dont say this! Kuwait is home :-( me love Kuwait

Ouch! That hurts!!!

I swear I was thinking that same thing!!!!!!!

I am gonna start doing that now! Good idea, thanks

signorina said...

i do agree, it's much better to shop online

Ansam said...

yeah its insane that they sometimes do not bother to convert.. but rather switch the $ to KD

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