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Sunday, August 5, 2007


OK, so how many times you needed to have your nails done but did not really feel like changing, driving, looking for a parking spot, and most importantly (at least to me) finding the the right slippers to wear that wont ruin your pedicure!

I am guessing the answer is "SO MANY TIMES"

So how about being a queen for an hour or two at the comfort of your house? Sounds good? You bet!!

I have received a gift voucher from the owner of Queenails to try out their luxurious home service.

Two ladies came in to my house with a black suitcase and some fuchsia pink ribbons tied on every zipper... I guided them to my room. They asked me where I would be sitting and I pointed at the sofa in my room before I left to get them something to drink, and when I returned my room was turned into a spa in less than two minutes!!

I sat down admiring the new atmosphere I was in...

Spa-like music
Lavender incense
Large bowl with fuchsia rose petals and hot stones

I sat down thinking... wow! that was fast and impressive! She offered me tea (I actually had to pick the flavor I wanted).. all this happened when I left the room for two short minutes.. and its all self-sufficient! They have brought everything they needed with them, including the water to fill the bowls and for the tea..

So I sat down on my sofa, admiring their work, and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere..
They started with cutting and filing.. then lavender scrub, followed by a lavender mask... and, this is the best part, a shoulder massage before I chose the colors for the nail polishes!

The ladies were quiet most of the time, just asking me to relax and/or if I was comfortable at most. The music was soothing, and so was the lavender smell.. This was one helluva treat I got! Just what I needed! A quiet afternoon treatment at the comfort of my home!

Would I try it again!? Definitely! I dont mind being "her Majesty, the Queen" for another couple of hours now would I!?!!

I recommend it girls!! Pick up your phone and call them on 508-0746
For more details, visit their website Queenails


Eva said...

their website looks neat.
am thinking about inviting some friends to have a SPA gathering ...
should i go for Queenails Or Nails2U ??

for french manicure mnu sh'3la a7la..

Zahra said...

Sounds fabulous! What a great service!

Dalalen said...

tooooooooooooo bad i had my mani and badi today !;(
ill wait coupla weeks n call them ,thanks for the site;D

Ansam said...

Yeah I was thinking of doing so too with my friend who delivered her baby and is too busy to find time to go get her nails done.. I thought this might be a good surprise

Oh it is.. I am telling you my room was turned into a spa in a couple of minutes

Yeah do so and tell me what you think please

Chroma-Trauma said...

hmmm,Cute gift for my Mum..
Need to find the perfect time to call them and then surprise her , What do you think??

Ansam said...

Great idea.. specially if she is into pampering herself like a queen.. I might do the same for my mom when she get back home

Yara said...

Definitly going to try it before i travel... Thanx :)

Anonymous said...

id love to try it ...but i hope that ising gay?:P i vote NOODLES:P

Ansam said...

You're welcome :-)

Gay!? Why? LOL
Well just to let you all know that this service is for Ladies only

4 said...

i tried them after reading ur post.. and it was amazing!
true that ka shu'3il mo waaayd perfect, but the service and the spa-like atmosphere was worth it..

Nstyle is still my fav. but queenails comes handy when ur not in the mood 2 drive!

Dreamy said...

yay sounds awesome! we dont have this kinda exact service o dala3 here (6)

Ansam said...

I like their work.. very precise and the square roundish corners cut was done as I requested nicely!

Be a trend setter and start that business first there..
one of my American friends who is living in Kuwait told me that almost everything is "home delivery/service" here in Kuwait.. even groceries!!
Check http://taw9eel.com/

q8bucks said...

hey eva ive tried both services nails 2 u was the first one that came out then 6 months later the queen nails came up and i siad gotta try them too ...ok here is what i think nails 2u are really professional in thier services and have cool unique menu u gotta try the sweet tooth. Hygene is important and u can feel and see it once they walk in your door ...queen nails package looks pretty but the way the nails turn out not so great.. Nails 2 U should be tried first, that is what i think :>

Ansam said...

I dont agree.. my nails turned out to be great after queenails :-)

Service quality is important to me, and the atmosphere as well.

I think both services of Nails2U and Queenails are great and suits the taste of Kuwaiti society. Plus Nails2U prices are much cheaper than Queenails but after all you get what you pay for

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