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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Laundry Rack Post :-P

Remember my price comparison posts back in July? About the laundry racks? Well here is another one for you guys :-P

The smaller one is KWD 7.250
The bigger one is KWD 9.000


enigma said...

hahahaha u just can't get over it, can u? :P

GreY said...

So you are not done with the laundry rack yet ? lol !

Anonymous said...


Ansam said...

LOL I saw it and thought hmmm this is another Laundry post for me. Others, who read my blog, may benefit from it so let me post and then they can choose which one they like the most :-P

I dont think so :-P

Blue Dress-
Loooooong story!!

Amjad said...

I'm afraid someone else got the same ones for 2KD & 1KD! :-p

Ansam said...


Shoush said...

Hehe.. good to know. ;P

Ansam said...

yeah now you can choose which one to buy from my "Laundry Racks in Kuwait" study :-P LOL

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